What game(s) has given you the greatest since of accomplishment?

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User Info: BiggyDX

3 years ago#1
I think for me there have been three games that have given me a sense of accomplishment, mainly because they were so insanely hard to do.

The first is MGS2. I was playing on Extreme difficulty and wanted to get the invisible cloak. I made it all the way up to the final boss, but here's the kicker. Before the fight, I had taken so much damage that I had maybe only 1-2% of my total life bar left. So basically I'm fighting the final boss who could one shot kill me through the whole thing...and he did...77 times. I was determined like hell to beat that difficulty because the save I had before this fight was 2 hours earlier; and I sure as hell didn't want to deal with that choking scene again. But on the 78th try, I finally beat him without taking a single hit.

Second game was beating all the EDF2017 missions on Inferno difficulty. It's a mostly unheard of game that's for a niche group of people, but still pretty fun. Inferno difficulty is the hardest difficulty in the game, and most of the gameplay revolves around being swarmed by massive groups of ants, spiders, giant walking robots, and sometimes they'll even through in a 10 story godzilla like creature.

Finally, the last game for me is progressing from Bronze to Platinum in Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer. I thought the bump from Silver to Gold was rough, but when I heard they released Platinum difficulty I said, "F*** that" to myself so many times. Then a few months after the Earth DLC dropped I decided to try it once. Not gonna lie, I did the Rio box. But after getting some better weapons and gear, I moved on to Giant, started moving out into the open more instead of hunkering down, till eventually (where I am now) leading Platinum games in both score and skill. I don't even want to play on Giant or Rio anymore, and I always look for variety in each map. Playing Platinum to max out my manifest was all I wanted to do, and after coming to that realization it made me understand that I've really grown as a player (with this game at least). Starting off from the guy who gets kicked in a Silver match, to a necessity in Gold games is just awesome.

Hope that wasn't too long for you guys. So what games do you guys have?
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User Info: MertensCW

3 years ago#2
I shot a duck in duck hunt, yea take that you motha! but then the dog laughed at me and it ruined my life.
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Few Favorites- Ninja gaiden 1-2, Colony Wars 1-3,Xenogears,MarioKart,Lunar 2 GTA:SA,S&K,FF6-7,Zanac,S.Metroid,SMB2,NFL2K5,Halo 2, NG2,Vanquish,Witcher 2.

User Info: cminc

3 years ago#3
I beat sephiroth once. That seemed like a big deal. I've also single-handedly won wwii and gone on to dismantle a series of nazi plots for world domination a large number of times, in a multitude of different ways, across several varying alternate universes and timelines. All without asking for anything in return.

Going through Mirrors Edge without ever using a gun felt kind of nice, too.
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User Info: Robin_Mask

3 years ago#4
Ninja Gaiden II

Master Ninja

Metal Gear Rising

S-Rank Revengeance
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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#5
I killed Vivec on Morrowind once. I accomplished Morro-victory!
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User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#6
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User Info: userfrigginame

3 years ago#7
Probably Demon's Souls for story mode, and NCAA Football for competitive play.


3 years ago#8
God of War : Ascension Trail of Arcemedes without nerf patch.

User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#9
The original Monster Hunter for PS2...taking down my first solo KutKu was a moment of glory for me
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User Info: jumbocat

3 years ago#10
MGS2 was tough on higher difficulties - kudos. I don't think I beat it on anything over normal, it was too punishing for an impatient 13 (I think) year old. I wish MGS4 had had concluded things a bit more satisfactorily.
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