Article: Performance Gap between Ps4 and X1 will NOT disappear

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User Info: BSerenity

3 years ago#91
shawnmck posted...
SolidManifest posted...
2PartyOIigarchy posted...
WebsandWigs posted...
I really gotta wonder how much more powerful the PS4 is compared to the One. So far it's too early to tell, but I imagine it wont be a huge difference anyway.

We'll see just how pitiful XBone is when Naughty God releases Uncharted 4.

Nope. Ryse 2 will look better. ;D

^ I'm gonna laugh if (& when) Ryse 2 gets announced for both platforms.
Crytek is NOT owned by Microsoft. They are a 3rd-Party Developer.
Just like how TitanFall 2 is going to be multi-platform, as stated by one of the main Devs.

Does Crytek own the Ryse IP or did MS contract Crytek to develop Ryse and they own it?
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User Info: a687947

3 years ago#92
Lol k

User Info: leathelj

3 years ago#93
Another one of these topics oh god...
Every one has there own opinions unless theirs is stupid.

User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

3 years ago#94
Xbox One confirmed the Wii of this generation?!
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User Info: The_Mighty_KELP

3 years ago#95
Whatever font that website is using, it hurts my eyes.
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User Info: Ragnawind

3 years ago#96
BoxTheMuppet posted...
2PartyOIigarchy posted...
Why do XBros try to tell people to pay no mind to the PC as if gaming exists in a magical fairy vacuum where PC doesn't exist.

Because you can only really compare console to console. Once you make the leap to PC no argument can be had. You can build a PC that runs every game at top performance with no issues but it will cost you a bit.

I don't understand the people that have gaming pc's and then buy consoles. Why buy an inferior machine if you have something that gets every multiplat plus crazy steam sales and PC exclusives (I want goat simulator)

because of console exclusives

User Info: Jason_Hudson

3 years ago#97
Muryo posted...
Does this means that cloud power was a fairy tale made to deceive the gullible fanboys?

Judging from the explanation of what cloud did for Titanfall, they're just glorified dedicated servers. They think that by overcomplicating things when they are explaining they can fool people into thinking the X1 is so much more powerful than the PS4. Of course, dedicated servers have been around since before 2002, couldn't find all that much information on it, but I know BF1942 (out in 2002) had dedicated servers.
PC is the only place to play games at their true potential
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User Info: Mr_Delcroix

3 years ago#98
embrandedone posted...

There isn't one, they're 99% identical and the only people who actually care about the small difference are either stupid or trolls trying to stir s***.

Get over it. No one with a brain cares or buys consoles because one "performs" better than the other. That's how buy a PC, not a console.

User Info: MOATS7798

3 years ago#99
Performance Gap between Ps4 and X1 will NOT disappear....

PS4 can have it's power gap, while I continue to enjoy the better racer, and shooter, which are exclusive to Xbox...and throw in the same old NBA, Madden, BF4...ect...I'll stick with my Xbox, POWER vs Games? I think I prefer the games
In all my years of gaming I've never walked into a store and purchased a game that I've wanted to play based on the resolution.

User Info: jairusmonillas

3 years ago#100
No software optimization can change my signature spec.
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XB1 GPU :: 768 GCN, 1.31 TFLOPS, 48 TMUs, 16 ROPs, 8GB DDR3+eSRAM
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