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User Info: Brandon16Xtreme

3 years ago#11
HeIsLegend16 posted...
hospital connection right now, which yes is the downfall for this time.. But my internet at home is quite the opposite Verizon FIOS - 25mb/s down, 24mb/s up, and 12 ping and it took me about 8 hours to download NBA 2k14 from the marketplace.. Someone care to explain that to me?

2k14 is massive, 43 gigs. A lot of things to calculate into the time it took, it could of been during a peek hour and you may have not been getting that full 25mb download, with a 25mb connection using the full speed a 43 gig file is going to take 5/6 hours anyway, So honestly that isn't abnormal.

User Info: HeIsLegend16

3 years ago#12
is it seriously 43 gigs? Damn I never even looked >_>

But yes, this hospital connection blows large amounts of floppy donkey d - I asked one of the IT guys if he could do anything for me while I download Madden and he pretty much laughed his ass off at me.. Douchebags... I've literally been running up my families Data Plan off my iPhone creating a mobile WiFi hotspot just to download it
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