Will xb1 get japanese games

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User Info: Mobius1Rising

3 years ago#1
Will MS alow japanese games like the idolm@aster and dream club to be released on jpn xb1 or is it just american games this time round like fps sports beat en ups racing.
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User Info: Homie_202

3 years ago#2
chances are the companies making the games wouldn't even want them on the xbox. People who own xbox ones for the most part don't care for Japanese games. They just don't sell on the consoles.

User Info: BoomerHelll

3 years ago#3
they already have an unannounced Japanese game to launch along side x1 in japan

User Info: WebsandWigs

3 years ago#4
Im sure in time it will. There arent many japanese games on the PS3 right now, either.

User Info: gohoanq

3 years ago#5
They announced recently that they're getting a Japanese dev to make at least one game for the XO. I'm sure more will be released on the console through its lifespan. I just hope we get a little more than 360... lol
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User Info: youngskillz

3 years ago#6
definitely, maybe something like last gen.

few jrgp's an possibly some shmps ect.

we'll see.
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User Info: SADMZ

3 years ago#7
Does Japan even output very many relevant console games outside of Final Fantasy, Tales, or the occasional Level 5 game anymore?

If you want 'japanese games', get yourself a 3DS and/or a Vita. Japan's gone portable ages ago, sir. Get with the program.

But to answer the question, yes, of course Xbox One will secure a few Japanese interest exclusives for its Japan launch, as well as have big name mutliplat titles. Hopefully, with the PS4 and Xbox One's components being more similar to each other than the former generation, we'll see more Japanese games that wouldn't have otherwise been a multiplat, be released on both consoles so that they're available to as many people as possible.

That said, the exclusives they secure will more than likely be timed exclusives depending on the company, but whether or not the Playstation release a year later will make it outside of Japan is a crap shoot, too. I... don't think you're gonna see many weeb-fests like Hyperdimension Neptunia or Idolm@ster on it though... at least not exclusively.

Don't forget about the Wii U, either. Mistwalker and Monolithsoft seem to make games exclusively for Nintendo nowadays.

User Info: ThatLaoGuy

3 years ago#8
lol, it will but the games wont sell very well and it'll be like 360 again. It'll drop off the face of da universes.
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User Info: slyman19

3 years ago#9
Of course. Phil already said the One would get a couple of exclusive Japanese games. It's already getting one with D4.

User Info: TheGleamEyes

3 years ago#10
Namco Bandai already made a pact with Sony so don't expect a The iDOLM@STER or Tales game on the Xbox One.

The Tales of was announced early in the generation.
The fact that they announced a iM@S for the PlayStation 4 but not Xbox One is also telling.
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