Is Titanfall taking over my Xbox?

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User Info: rusty12000

3 years ago#11
You own the very first Titanfall-box Congratulations!
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User Info: cminc

3 years ago#12
Just stabbing in the dark here, but if youre a member of the beta ui early update program theyre testing another one now. Could be the problem.
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User Info: smurfsn1p3r

3 years ago#13
I am waiting for the xbox to scream "WHAAATT??!?!?" from the amout of times my friend has to say "Xbox.....Xbox.....Xbox... Xbox On. Not really necessary but for every command he says Xbox 4 times then the command.
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User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#14
The only command I ever have an issue with is the "launch" command for accepting party invites.

Oddly enough it used to be "accept" and I had issues getting that to work as well.
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User Info: FinzFan4life

3 years ago#15
I have troubles with xbox on
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