Any Word on Custom Soundtracks yet?

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User Info: MRL3G3ND

3 years ago#1
I can't believe they have left out something this big...and on top of that there is no outrage over it.

Did they even say it's on the list of things to do?

User Info: MRL3G3ND

3 years ago#2
this is why they keep releasing "updates" and custom soundtracks isn't on the list...

Am I the only one that ever used this?

On the 360 I had racing playlists that gave forza more life...

And I had a war soundtrack for Battlefield

Plus I had a playlist for parties, or I would stream music from my computer

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#3
I've been begging for it since day 1. I would even stoop as low as accepting xbox music playing without snapping and paying for it. I'm bored on forza only because its missing my music.
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User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#4
I did a google search for it and this thread popped up. Not much else for recent information unfortunately. I have never used a custom soundtrack before while playing games, but it seems like a lot of people clearly want this feature available.
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User Info: billsfanno1

3 years ago#5
Last time I did it was for stadium sounds in NFL2K5 on Xbox. Hard to believe that no game (that I'm aware of at least) has offered that level of customization since.

User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#6
Custom Soundtracks was the feature I used most on my Xbox 360, with the exception of playing games. Every time I powered on my Xbox 360, I literally started playing my custom soundtracks. The only time I wasn't playing my custom soundtracks was when the OS wouldn't allow it, such as when I was watching movies. So yeah, I used the feature every time my Xbox 360 was running, even when playing games. I wish it would've been included with Xbox One. I'm part of the Xbox One update preview beta and so I have access to the private forums on that relate to the firmware updates. There is a "form" to request features that the Xbox community would like added and you can see what the other beta users request. The most popular request I've seen from beta users, and myself, is the return of Custom Soundtracks. I am really not sure if Microsoft will bring it back. I hope they do but so far, it's not looking like it's going to happen.
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User Info: f0rge

3 years ago#7
I used them all the time too, especially when playing games like Madden with friends.

I must have like 50 CDs loaded on my 360.

Maybe that's the problem? So few people have CDs now that they expect people to use XboxMusic instead?

User Info: WartPig_

3 years ago#8
why offer an option for free user ripped music when they can charge to use their service? i belive sony also did this on the ps4. this new gen isnt about you and what you want. its about how much the can get from you.
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User Info: X_F_L_A_W_X

3 years ago#9
I loved the feature at first on the 360, but I remember running into a few games where the music didn't stop playing when there was dialogue going on (I think it might have been one of the Skate games). It wasn't a huge deal because I don't play dialogue-heavy games with custom soundtracks, but it was enough to make me stop using them. My laptop is right in front of me as I play, so now I just listen to music on that and don't even bother to turn on my sound system for games.

I do want to be able to put music on my XB1, though, so I could use it for a few in-game features (namely WWE entrance themes). I've been a huge fan of that since it was introduced on the original Xbox and I can't imagine having as much fun creating people without it.
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User Info: LEGEND-725

3 years ago#10
Stop pirating music!
It's great to be a microsoft platform owner of any kind right now.
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