wouldn't shock me if titanfall 2 is a one exclusive announced at e3

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User Info: dj-izzle

3 years ago#31
chrish909 posted...
Prozac you know nothing like jon snow. Ps4 has 7 mill consoles sold and x1 has 4 million. Did infamous outsell titanfall 1.75 to 1. No. Last I heard titanfall outsold infamous. Titanfall is an original ip and infamous is the 3rd game in a franchise. Franchise games always sell better than original ips with no fanbase.

Also what sonys biggest hyped exclsuive. It was sonys only hyped exclusive. Or did charted 4 director getting fired blow up the hype for uncharted.

first of all Trish, I:SS had only 2 days calculated for that week vs 2 weeks for Titanfall which the sequel will go multiplat

User Info: schmarkenheimer

3 years ago#32
necro00 posted...
jairusmonillas posted...
That's a cute speculation.

EA and MS had the deal not knowing Xbox One is going to get outsold by PS4 by almost twice and the gap is just getting bigger and bigger.


march sales numbers aren't in. And lol @ twice the sales. Xbox is 100$ more and in way less territories. And still managed to sell 4 million plus

Numbers aren't in yet you know how many they've sold....
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User Info: Waren_

3 years ago#33
If the PS4 and X1 had sold close to the same ammount it would be for sure. Everyone thought going in that MS would destroy sony this cycle so sighning on exclusive with them was a safe bet.

The way exclusives work is the company in this cas MS pays for what would be lost sales on the other console with the PS4 out selling the xbox by such a large margin thats probably not going to happen. Not that they cant afford it just it would not be worth it.

It was not a bad move with the information EA had going in I would easily expect the Xbox fanbase to be more suppourting of an allways online game than the Playstation fanbase it just turns out that xbox got outsold big time.

User Info: Tiredofhearingu

3 years ago#34
we are more likely to see the first one coming to ps4 than the second one being exclusive, EA follows money...

User Info: Jiggy101011

3 years ago#35
Aceviper posted...
didn't the ceo of respawn already say that titanfall sequels will be multiplat?

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User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#36
The only Titanfall news we will see at E3 is DLC info.
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User Info: baize1

3 years ago#37
prozac786 posted...

Considering that Infamous and the Infamous bundle, far outsold Titanfall, I doubt TF 2 remains exclusive to MS.

Infamous isn't even a main stream game. I love it, but it's far from a top tier selling game. And it isn't Sony's biggest hyped exclusive either. It was just designed as a good/decent filler, til the real s*** comes out.

Titanfall was meant to be the biggest exclusive MS had this year. It bombed hard from that expectation and became simply a decent game, with decent sales.

Titanfall was designed to take the crown from CoD, it's sole purpose was to be the NEXT big FPS that everyone plays. There was no other goal behind it. By this measure, it has performed very poorly.

EA will be going back to the drawing board, you can bet there will be significant changes for the sequel, along with a multiplatform announcement.

when is the real s*** coming? just play titanfall now or just like the slogan says greatness awaits for titanfall 2.

User Info: xxtasy911

3 years ago#38
EA has already publicly admitted they regret not bringing TF to the PS3/PS4. I highly doubt 2yrs from now when that user base is 300% larger (at least) they short change themselves again.
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User Info: Sheepinator

3 years ago#39
I doubt it'll be an exclusive because of math. Assumptions:

1. EA definitely has rights to Titanfall 2, even if someone else acquires Respawn (and with it the Titanfall IP).
2. Publisher nets around $30 per game sold, after retail cut, platform royalty, cost of goods, etc., and before fixed costs like development and marketing.

How many units do you think TF2 could sell on PS4?

3M = $90M lost
5M = $150M lost
7M = $210M lost

MS wouldn't need to pay all of that lost income to get an exclusive, because there is always a risk it could bomb on PS4, but surely it would be at least 50%-75% of that. So you're looking at a cost of around $100M just to prevent it being on PS4. Then when you factor in development, marketing, royalties, etc., it's going to be hard for MS or EA to make any money from it. OK then, let's assume they don't care about not making money, because it sells systems. Except it doesn't. It's already proven it can't sell systems by the rapid discounting of TF bundles at retail, and lack of meaningful sales PR's from MS or EA.
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User Info: smelly_boob

3 years ago#40
MightyMuna posted...
I'll be shocked, because it's not a viable business option for EA and Microsoft especially.

It will cost more money to secure it than Titanfall 1 and that money could be used for developing and/or partnering with another developer to make a new exclusive IP.

Titanfall is now associated with Xbox, the deed has has been done, if the sequel is multiplatform, it'll sell more on Xbox One just like Mass Effect, BioShock because they started on Xbox. Microsoft should just secure exclusive DLC. That's the smarter play.

well said
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