Why do people like Fighting games? like Killer instinct.

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User Info: CourtofOwls

3 years ago#31
because you get that same feeling you get from a well executed headshot in an action game or finding that one specific great piece of loot in rpgs...but you can get it every round of every fight whether it be a perfectly timed special move or giant combo or even just unleashing your ultra special move for a win
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User Info: TheSL1Club

3 years ago#32
NCPwn posted...
DarkHoles posted...
NCPwn posted...
Combo626 posted...
Are you seriously questioning why people like something you don't?

Yes, because I don't understand why. It would be like me asking why do people steal from others. It's bad and something you shouldn't do, but people do it. why?

You don't like them because you're bad at them, how do i know that you ask? Because you think people mash.

Oh I mash, and I can win sometimes vs someone. But the entire time i'm bored. Bored bored bored of playing it. A reason I can't stand the tales games. It's part RPG/Fighter.

Of course you are bored, what do you expect to get from mashing and not learning the game properly? Of course you are bored mashing through victories fighting someone even below a masher.
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User Info: VRViperII

3 years ago#33
NCPwn posted...
Most of the time, I watch people play and they smash their meat hands on the controller or "modded" controller and hope for the best. Usually they spout one word expletives or incoherent grunt noises whilst playing.

So I've played a few, but I don't find any fun in that genre. What about fighting games attracts you to the genre. Is it this random smashing? or can someone actually tell me there is skill involved.

Lol nice sig you have bizzare taste. Just accept that you're different and will never get it.
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User Info: DarthUchiha91

3 years ago#34
Divekick > all
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User Info: CKnight

3 years ago#35
I'm a casual but I just enjoy playing matches online.

And the last gen had a lot of good fighters come out to expand the genre and keep it alive.

Street Fighter 4(and re-releases)
Ult Marvel vs Capcom 3
Tekken 6
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Persona 4 Arena
King of Fighters 13
Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Blaz Blue series
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
Mortal Kombat 9
SF x Tekken

and others I'm sure I left out.

And my problem is just playing a few of them. It's hard to get good when you bounce around different fighters.
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User Info: da_StoOge

3 years ago#36
I got back into fighters last gen after not playing one since Street Fighter X Plus Alpha on my PSOne.

I got so addicted that I nearly bought them all. I think there are 4 PSN fighters I still have to purchase, but I have every disc based one that's not awful, and every XBLA fighter.

Why? Because they're so damn fun. I have multiple fightstick so when people come around I have a bunch if local co-op games that anyone can jump into.
I've been missing the local MP experience lately, and fighting games are the perfect solution.

Plus 2D sprite based Japanese fighters look glorious.
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User Info: mike468

3 years ago#37
I've been playing them since the first Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 in the arcade. Certain ones I've been good at, some I've been terrible at or just very casual when playing it.

But like a lot of people have already said, they are very complex and deeper than most other games. They also have a more competitive drive to it than other genres like FPS. Before the whole online gaming thing and competitive leagues likes MLG, fighting games where the first really competitive head to head game. It's just you and the opponent. You don't get a team to back your *** up.

As far as being good at them, Certain things and tactics translate between games, so it makes it easy for people to transition between different series, but a lot of times it just comes down to playing the game, learning its nuances as well as human tendencies. There are a lot situations in fighting games that causes your opponents to react a certain way and it's just about figuring those situations out, to the point where you know the game better than your opponent.

Comparative fighting games at its best:


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User Info: phillyeagleflys

3 years ago#38
DarkHoles posted...
phillyeagleflys posted...
I like sport fighting sims. Ones with stamina systems built in to promote strategy and pace over button mashing. Such as MMA games and Boxing games,But I am not gonna knock people who like arcade fighters. That is their preference. Different Strokes for different folks.

All fighters have strategy once you learn them, try playing ki online without strategy lol YOU WILL LOSE.

I am not saying they don't have strategy. I just prefer my fighters grounded in reality. Projectiles and crap like that turn me off to a game. I prefer boxing and MMA as a sports game. But like I also said. I can't knock someone for liking street fighter. People are gonna like what appeals to them, and i think the TC was foolish to imply that people shouldn't like them. Traditional fighting games aren't my cup of tea either. Just not my personal preference. Which is the theme of this whole thread. Personal Preference.
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User Info: -FryShakeWad-

3 years ago#39
No idea, I played it and thought it was utter garbage. I will stick with the classics.

User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#40
There actually is skill involved in fighting games. Honestly, if you're good enough to put out high-hitting combos that never miss their mark, it's like poetry-in-motion. It's awesome to watch and even more awesome to pull off yourself.
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