Help with NAT please??

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User Info: flavaham

3 years ago#11
Ok, I think I figured out how to do port forwarding but after I did this it didn't change a thing on my xbox. Still says "Your network is behind a cone NAT"

To forward ports I had the following fields to enter:

Starting Port and Ending Port - in the video he had these both as the same number, so to open port 88 I entered 88 in both.
Protocol - TCP or UCP I selected the proper option here
LAN IP Address - I entered the IP address found in the settings of my Xbox ( right?

Box 2 is "Set the remote port and IP information. (optional)"

In the video he entered the port number in Starting and Ending port and left LAN IP Address as so that's what I did.

Does this look right to you?? Hope so, because it was kind of a tedious task. But still didn't fix the problem.

Also, can someone clarify if UPnP should be enabled or disabled please? I have conflicting reports as of now.

Thanks again!

User Info: flavaham

3 years ago#12
Golden Maven posted...
I understand your frustration TC, a lot of these devices are designed without the end user in mind.

Here's what I would do:

1. Assign a static IP to the XBox One on the modem. You'll need the XBox's MAC address, which you can probably find in the XBox connection settings (not sure don't have an XBox).
2. Put that static IP in your modem's DMZ.

I can't be more detailed than that, I don't own an XBox or your modem. It should be fairly obvious, though.

I read something saying to do that but I don't see an option for that in my modem settings. It's a Q1000 modem.

User Info: flavaham

3 years ago#13
Well, to the best of my ability I have forwarded ports, put it in DMZ and assigned a static IP. It's still saying the same crap about being behind a cone NAT. I've unplugged the modem and the xbox to reset them. I'm out of ideas...

User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
3 years ago#14
Sorry TC, I would suggest you call your ISP for help at this point or have someone knowledgeable help you in person.

It sounds like you missed something in the settings cause there's no way the XBox would have connectivity issues if in the DMZ.

BTW - you don't need to forward ports for a device in DMZ. That's the whole point, DMZ is exposing a device to the Internet, i.e. not behind the firewall.

User Info: elbarto1

3 years ago#15

User Info: elbarto1

3 years ago#16
In that link you should be concerned w this info:

You will need to forward the following ports to the static IP of your Xbox console, that you set up earlier (In our example this was the
Now forward the following ports to that console IP:
UDP 53
TCP 53
TCP 80
UDP 88
UDP 3074
TCP 3074
For the Xbox One, these three additional ports are also used:
500 (UDP)
3544 (UDP)
4500 (UDP)
Sometimes a router allows a protocol setting for "both" TCP and UDP combined. If so, choose that to save you some work and create only a single rule for ports 53 and 3074
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