#Dealwithit or "TV, Sports, Call of Duty"?

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User Info: Horridhal

3 years ago#21
SoulTrapper posted...
SigmaLongshot posted...
SoulTrapper posted...
SigmaLongshot posted...
BoxTheMuppet posted...
I'm more amused at the grudge so many people are harboring over both of these. It's as if MS stole their grandmas ashes from the mantle.

I agree with this statement. Anyone so emotionally involved with an inanimate toy and the people that make them must have deep-seeded, disproportionate investment issues.

It's concerning how deep some people can get with things that, at most, shouldn't verge on the periphery of their fundamental spirit. ( This coming from the most zealous gamer I know).

I agree, it's almost as bad as people lying and making stuff up to defend the BS of the company they work for on a message board.

Well, actually, that second part is far, far worse. Pathetic even.

Good thing there aren't any people like that around here, right?


I know what you're alluding to and your personal vendetta with me is bordering on unsettling.

If my honesty makes me unpopular, then so be it. Rather that than the alternative.

By "honesty" you mean lies and BS, right?

Because that's what you posted in that topic.

You two really ought to just get a room.
I'm not the nicest person you'll meet.
Have a real point please.

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#22
What, no love for Kinect ?
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