Why did you chose the Xbox brand initially ?

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User Info: The_Man_On_Fire

3 years ago#111
the better controller....

User Info: Bal-Sag0th

3 years ago#112
As in politics, I ceased long ago to fight under the standard of someone just for the sake of it.

I'm a survivor of the first console war. Former Segamaniac.

I chose the 360 system because there were good RPG's announced on that support, whereas, at the time, there were few to no PS3-only RPG releases in Europe (I hail from the backwater country of Belgium. We have good beer.).

Later on, I changed my mind and bought a PS3 system (I still have the 360 system, but it has been long since I last bought a game for it. Even on digital format). Never had to regret this, because most of the RPG's I own are now PS3 exclusives...

I follow the RPG's. Any console providing me with enough good RPG's exclusives has my support.

Which means I could'nt care less about the "One" system, whose goals were summarized in three words "call of duty, TV, sports". I truly hate FPS. I couldn't care less about sports. And I don't watch TV.

But I do plan to buy a PS4 system in several years, when enough RPG's are out.

I have no interest in games that are too far from RPG's. That's just how it is. It doesn't mean that games outside RPG's are bad. I just fail to see the point in them.

As for the companies, I despise Microsoft as much as I do Sony.

But, again, my personal feelings don't interfere with the choice of the machine. If there are enough RPG's, I'm game.

If someday, when checking the One library I see many interesting RPG's exclusives, I'll definitely buy it. But I highly doubt that it will ever be the case.

I regret missing some decent RPG's on the actual Nintendo systems, but I hate playing on handheld devices, and there's just not enough titles released in Europe for the WII and WII U that can justify that I buy a Nintendo console.

I learned my lesson with the GameCube, whom I bought just for Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia, and Fire Emblem : Path of Radiance... No other RPG really worth mentionning was released in Europe on that system.

The 360 system was useful to me as long as the PS3 hadn't got a decent exclusive RPG library. Two or three years, I'd say. It was worth it. Nowadays, whereas Sony still release exclusive JRPG's on his console, Microsoft seems to have lost any interest in its machine.

So do I.

User Info: bamaredwingsfan

3 years ago#113
Tried the original xbox on a whim. I had an Atari 2600, Super Nintendo and a PS1 so basically I was ready to try something new. After my first original xbox, I was hooked at that point.
A Hero Need Not Speak. When He Is Gone, The World Will Speak For Him.

User Info: OverLordChaos

3 years ago#114
BruceLee1974 Just wanted to let you know the ps3 happened to be more powerful then the 360

User Info: The_Great_DB

3 years ago#115
tbh the OG Xbox was a surprise Christmas gift one year from my parents. I wasn't really into video games before then. I really got into the Xbox controller and the games and system was really good. I got a 360 to play Oblivion (before it came to PS3) and stayed for Halo.

Haven't gotten a next gen system yet. Really want an Xbox One for the controller and future games, but all of my friends want a PS4 and since this next gen has even more online stuff I feel like I'll be left out if I'm stuck on the Xbox playing online with strangers. Not sure what to do yet.

Ps. devs need to bring back some couch co-op.
The Big DB

User Info: yokitaqueen0220

3 years ago#116
KOTOR, it was totally worth it.

User Info: That_Damn_Kid

3 years ago#117
OverLordChaos posted...
BruceLee1974 Just wanted to let you know the ps3 happened to be more powerful then the 360

I'm not a kid, I just act like one
GT: ITS DAT DAM KID --- PSN: Lamburghini89///PS4, X1, Wii U, 360, 3DS

User Info: chex81

3 years ago#118
Xbox - wanted kotor

360 - got it at launch for CoD2 and PDZ

X1 - just prefer the controller, honestly the only reason I picked it over ps4
XB1/WiiU: chex81

User Info: Xechs

3 years ago#119
Local co-op and idea of online (after getting a little taste of Counterstrike and PSO I was hooked). System linking the old xbox was awesome remember the lan parties, and online had classics like Rainbow Six 3, PGR 2, Mechassault, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and halo 2. Also early 360 there were tons of great local co-op like rainbow six, edf, gears, tales of vesperia etc. Plus halo 3 being able to bring local for online multi/co-op was really awesome thing to happen to the online multi scene. This was all pre 2008 so it was all nice and fresh.

I'm glad x1 has titanfall I loved online only games on PS like war/starhawk, MGO online, MAG. But now PS is having free to play games like dust and warframe, and even some MMO, I think PS is really catching up and passing xbox in some genres now and more diversity in types of games. The main reasons I love xbox is now not so unique, even the 3ds like mario kart has pretty awesome online. That definitive xbox experience is now spread out to all kinds of platforms.

I got PS+ since they force you to have it for online now but I stacked 3 years worth for $75 (got $25 PS+ cards on black friday), over next 3 years I will have access to 200+ games for PS3/vita/PS4. It's a lot better deal overall, so even that xbox live experience is not the same as it was. hopefully xbox will compete and strive to do better, sony obviously learned a lot by competing with xbox last gen.
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User Info: Xechs

3 years ago#120
Also 360 was just a really strong show case, it got online games, it got PC RPGs, even JRPGs in the early years and hell even the multiplats for 4 years were always better on 360, even after PS3 caught up 360 still had slight advantage for most multiplat games. I eventually liked my PS3 better in the end but no denying 360 came out of the gate guns ablazing.

I feel like they didn't really do that this time.
http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u222/xechs/rankastar.gif Ranka-Macross Frontier
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