Why did you chose the Xbox brand initially ?

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User Info: NejiHyuga900

3 years ago#91
My cousin got us the original Xbox some time after I had a PS2 and GameCube, although I no longer have them except for a GameCube now.

What got me into the Xbox brand were Star Wars games (Jedi Academy, KOTOR), Halo, Fable. I enjoyed them. Then when 7th gen started, I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas. Been with Xbox 360 until the end of 7th gen. Then when Xbox One was announced, after hearing bad things about Xbox One, I turned away from the Xbox brand. Ever since then, I haven't been playing my Xbox 360 much anymore and I eventually bought a PS3, as well as a PS4. As of today, I still don't trust Xbox One even though it patched up the negatives because I fear Microsoft will set those negatives again or do something worse.
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User Info: Xan Ky

Xan Ky
3 years ago#92
KOTOR, Halo, and Shenmue 2. 'nuff said.
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User Info: WhyitEarp

3 years ago#93
I've owned pretty much every console since NES, XBox is a console so I buy em.

User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#94
It used to be a great console. Now its a CABLE, TV box with a dash of mediocre game playing on the side. Im a gamer and I want the best gaming experience I can get. I don't need to talk to my TV or be watched by KINECT 2.0 for Microsoft to analyze my reactions to TV and sell that info to third parties to enrich their pockets. That's not gaming, to me, thats taking advantage of your customers and compromising their privacy.

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User Info: mrpic

3 years ago#95
Dreamcast was cutting development and even though i loved sega i felt i needed a console with support and when i decided to go to my local game store i saw halo being played.

after a few minutes i trialed it and loved it i was immediately immersed and had to play again

i bought that xbox within a week of trialing it and playing halos campaign for the first time just blew me away i still feel halo's single player/coop campaign was the best fps campaign ever created to date and the love of that game made me buy all the other 5 halo games including halo wars

my favorite halo games

1/halo wars
3/ halo2 multiplayer

after this i purchased splinter cell and splinter cell pandora tommorrow and the later made me love online gaming the multiplayer element of this game still hasnt really been surpassed as all they have done with splinter cell games since is make it a spy vs mercs death match and just butchered every real spy element in the game ~(which made it original and very fun)

after that it was the pick up and play multiplayer of project gotham racing which was excellent fun and not really all too serious whereas now we just have forza's over the top serious racing or some junk racing games like need for speed which just bore me to death.

simply put the original xbox was inspired and had some really great games its just a shame they arent improved games now they are just graphically improved.

User Info: SuperVegito2487

3 years ago#96
Back in 09 when i did upgrade to 7th gen (have a ps2 somewhere) i did it because i wanted a console that could play GTA IV and the 360 was simply the cheaper solution...
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User Info: BadIntel506

3 years ago#97
Initially it was the first Halo that brought me aboard. Naturally I got a 360, but after the 3rd RRoD of 4 and having to buy 2 games over again because of disc scratching I quickly became upset with MS and sold the majority of my 360 games and switched to a PS3. I was happy with free online play and MGS4. A few years later I'm primarily a PC gamer. ARMA, Civilization, Battlefield.
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User Info: Struckdownbyme

3 years ago#98
Bought an original xbox for ninja gaiden and fable

User Info: VideoGameBlitz

3 years ago#99
Xbox = KoToR (before PC launch), and Halo
Xbox 360 = Gears of War
Xboner = nope
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User Info: TrueGB

3 years ago#100
Halo and KotoR.
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