Forza Horizon 2- Do you want it?

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User Info: HighwayPilot

3 years ago#11
I love racing games, so more racing games on a console could win me over to buy one.

User Info: Senel_117

3 years ago#12
I believe it was my first and only Forza game i've played and i loved it!

i hope they make a 2nd one!
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User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
3 years ago#13
Yes!! When horizon first came out I bought it day one but I didn't play it all that much because I was "racing gamed out" at the time. But a few months ago I tried playing it again and I pretty much played it for 2 weeks straight.

It is my ideal open world ish racing game.
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User Info: Behaviorism

3 years ago#14
Yes. I didn't like the regular forza series but I loved horizon. The open world, the dance/techno music, the music festival, loved it all. Can't wait for the sequel and I hope it's the same as part one (just with an updated 2014/2015 festival. Plus it was very satisfying beating darrius across the entire map

User Info: pjnelson

3 years ago#15
People expecting Horizon to be an open-world FM4 complained, but people accepting Horizon as its own thing seemed to like it, and there's demand for a sequel. I'd take it.
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User Info: TreGooda

3 years ago#16
I loved Horizon, looking forward to 2.
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User Info: ZeroCool000111

3 years ago#17
i want it to play like test drive unlimited. where you can cruise around with other people online.
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User Info: archibald3

3 years ago#18
Hell yeah ! I'm expecting the most polished next gen/open world racer yet. Horizon the 360 looked great , this will be fantastic.

User Info: gogogodzilla

3 years ago#19
Yes. Yes I would.

Though, it needs a larger map area. Horizons 1 was too small with just one 'city' to drive in.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#20
I liked horizon more then 4 and 5. If you get a good group and have the same interests it was perfect for me...almost. needs traffic, more players then 8 and an option for police maybe. I did quite a few cruises across the map, horizon tent to horizon tent gps set and either slow casual drive or fast but not offroad crashing fast, realistic driving. I would love a horizon 2 more then any game I can think of.
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