Kinect sport rivals is proof the kinect is junk

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User Info: iamdanthaman

3 years ago#101
dnmt posted...
mjc0961 posted...
BTM4444 posted...
Kinect is an amazing piece of hardware. Don't buy an xbox one then.

It works 90% of the time for me

And there is the problem. If it's not working 100% of the time, it's a failure. Get it out of here, Microsoft, and don't bring it back until it does work 100% of the time. My controller works 100% of the time and if you can't match that standard, don't try to sell it to me.

Exactly. Well said.

What? give me one example of a piece of technology that you think works 100% of the time and I will tell you why you are wrong. Nothing works 100% of the time, especially not things that are this early in the development stage. Funny how so many people say that nobody wants this, but if that is true, why are so many manufacturers implementing voice and gesture control into TVs, Laptops, Cell phones, Set-top boxes, Cable boxes, etc. You may want to deny it because your console of choice hasn't totally jumped on board yet, but rest assured, this is where the technology market is headed, you can either get on board or get run over, your choice. That doesn't mean that it will totally replace remote controls or Video game controllers, but there will be a place for each in the market.
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User Info: Hierarchy225

3 years ago#102
grampamurked posted...
Oh goodie, another immature bash MS thread.

Oh goodie, another "lets ignore Microsoft's mistakes" post

User Info: Turbokk

3 years ago#103
Kinect is a masterpiece.

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#104
Turbokk posted...
Kinect is a masterpiece.

It's like a console drowning device from outer space or something.

I swear, you take a PS4, associate it with Kinect and even that thing would drown !

User Info: EJH-SEGA

3 years ago#105
I would rather play Kinect Sports Rivals (which is an amazing game) than play a shooter.
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