A game to immerse a depressed person...

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User Info: chestershadow

3 years ago#71
aszsith posted...
For XBOne - I'd go with Rayman Legends or Lego Marvel. Both are colorful, fun, and have a ton of content.

If you have a 360, dig up a copy of Beautiful Katamari. It is literally impossible to be depressed while playing that game.

My friend got rolled up into a katamari ball and got turned into a star. Now I can't play that game o.0

User Info: rkade8583

3 years ago#72
Immersion? Fallout. Time killer? Roguelike games. Tower of Guns just came out.
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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
3 years ago#73
Splatterhouse on the 360. You can't feel depressed when you're treated to a cutscene of Rick tearing a monster in half, with it's intestines spilling out on the ground. Or ripping off their arms and beating them with it. Or squeezing a head until it pops.

Good times. Good times..
I smolder with generic rage.

User Info: CelesEsperIce3

3 years ago#74
Onipaladin posted...
What I want is something time consuming to take my mind off things. Stuff with a lot of collectibles, a open world, a storyline that is fairly decent. Maybe some fun action. Last game that made me forget about life was Skyrim. Only game I ever played about 20 hours straight with out stopping unless it was to eat or use the restroom. I want something like that.

I only really have a Wii U and Xbox 1. My 360 doesn't work and my ps3 is on it's last legs.
If you haven't tried it yet, or can even find a copy. Xenoblade Chronicles(Wii) will do all that for you and more. It is very immersive and has tons of collectibles.
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3 years ago#75
I hope you feel better TC.

I think a lot of the people on this site are just hurt. So if were dicks, its because were lashing out like a wounded animal. Were here, reaching out to something or someone for human contact of any form, but it's passive aggressive and we dont want anyone to know what were doing.... and so we don the guise of a video game afficionado witha stick up our ass. Im a pretty bad offender of this, and its noti an excuse but the bipolar doesnt exactly help either :/ .....

You are not alone TC. Most definitely. If it's the kind of thing that brings you solace, try to remember there are just as many sad peeps as you. Remember what you have and where you are (your life already sounds about 1000x better than mine, really) and be proud. Believe it or not, you have me beat in the game of life and all I know about you is that you are in school and ride trains. If that helps, think of the random guy who thinks you have it together.

Anyway... I second all sandbox games by BEthesda or Rockstar, Just Cause 2, Farcry 3, Dark souls 1/2, Dragons Dogma, and/or strat games like Civilization Revolution or Xcom.

When Im depressed I stay the eff away from JRPGs. For some reason they either make me want to puke/angry with their crap writing, or the "heartfelt" story just stirs up my emotions aand makes me feel even worse for some reason.

Stick with the light, actiony, fun kind of games, trsut me.
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User Info: UchihaShinobi

3 years ago#76
LEGEND_725 posted...
Just go lift

User Info: saleama

3 years ago#77
Why is this on xbone? There is literally nothing available like what you mentioned on this console except maybe Tomb Raider. That is not going to last 2 weeks. Get you a few of the newer WiiU games on sale and go to town on those.

User Info: saleama

3 years ago#78
Millertime660 posted...
Onipaladin posted...
Actualllllly. I am playing FFX on my vita. But I only play vita on the train. I actually been just leaving my house and riding the train to the last stop then turning around just to get out the house >.> I think I am going to go with Creed 4. I loved 2 and 3. But I liked 2 more 3 kind of let me down after 2.

I would risk getting RDR for my near dead 360 but some one spoiled the ending for me. I tried ground zeroes but that game was like 10 hours.

The ending is not the point of playing RDR. You need to play that game stat!

I agree. Knowing the ending is not at all going to spoil it. Get the collectors edition with Undead Nightmares and give it hell. This game might just be worth getting a refurb 360 to play! Ok, maybe not THAT good but close and you can add Far Cry 3 and a few others with a ton of collectables to easily fill up 2 weeks.

User Info: spooky96

3 years ago#79
darealest47 posted...
Try Dark Souls or Red Dead Redemption

Why would you recommend that game to a depressed person?
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User Info: MJFJD

3 years ago#80
russian roulette is pretty immersive
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