Adults with job, wife, family, pets, gym and other hobbies find time for Xbox?

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User Info: lostkiwi

3 years ago#41
I have a wife and two kids, and also an active runner, and to be honest I find time to play (Not on Xbox One, but still in the same situation)

I'm home by 5.30, which gives me 90 minutes with the kids before I put them to bed at 7.00. I'll usually spent another hour with my wife, which then gives me 3 hours before I go to bed at around 11pm to split between gaming and watching my favorite shows.

That's a rough approximation anyway for the days we don't have plans.
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User Info: Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden
3 years ago#42
I've got a fiancé, two dogs and a full time job. I hit the gym 4 nights a week and play when I can. I only have 2 games for my xbone, bf4 and titanfall, and really only get to play them when she works the occasional night shift. Systems in the living room which is cool cause I'm playing on a nice tv but it limits my game time.

It sucks guys - not like the old days that's for sure

User Info: Toxicum_S

3 years ago#43
teasugar posted...
How do people find more than time for two or three rounds of cod in an evening if they have all the things in topic title? Or do they simply not do so?

Even with family you always have at least 2-3 hours of free time, and its only up to you, on what are you spending them.
if its looks not so much for you - then sorry, marriage is not your thing :)
PS: I am 33, married, two kids.

User Info: HopesPeak

3 years ago#44
I'm 31 too. I only have time for an hour or two a day. These days I've been having a lot of free time, because I decided to take a break from college during this semester. There's nothing else to do besides video games, working out and watching movies, because every one else is at school or work during the night & day.

User Info: moonwatcher99

3 years ago#45
My husband and I are both avid gamers. We have everything in your title with the exception of kids, but we spend several evenings on games. We tend to collaborate - one for controlling the action, one for tactical advice. Who's doing what depends on exact game files and who's more in the mood to kill something. :D

User Info: Sony_Fanatic

3 years ago#46
I've got a job, a course, two cats and I still pull huge hours of game time everyday. Probably around 8 hours a day.
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User Info: suitup19

3 years ago#47
I don't have a wife or kids but I have a active social life. I hang out with friends every week, work out, and do a range of other activities. I also have a active dating life but I don't want kids so I don't ever see myself struggling to find time. IMO it's all about time management. I get everything I need to get done in a week Monday through Thursday after work. (Things like cleaning, laundry, etc.) My weekends are always open so I can game for however long I want then if I choose too. I suppose if I had a kid that would make things more difficult but luckily I don't want one.

User Info: kuter

3 years ago#48
fart in a jar

User Info: TG_Wolf

3 years ago#49
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User Info: Will42505

3 years ago#50
Im lucky, I got an xbox at my desk at work and we have a couple xbox ones in the breakroom. At home I have my ps3 and 4 where I can get 2 hours a day, on weekends I am on call for third shift so I stay up all night playing games until work comes in (it rarely does). I also work 3 days a week at the office and the rest at home so I game about 50 hours a week and still have plenty of time for other things.
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