Owners of both xbox1 and ps4 (opinions)

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User Info: rufusdared

3 years ago#21
I got the PS4 at launch and barely touched it (as BF4 was a mess) until Infamous.

Got the XB1 Titanfall Bundle in March and have probably played it 5x as much, do to the much better library.

I don't see this trend continuing though, unless MS pulls out some amazing surprise exclusives at E3.

User Info: SRBias

3 years ago#22
I bought a PS4 at launch and played almost anything I could get my hands on. My personal favorite on the machine was Outlast. I liked Killzone, and Resogun was flat out incredible. The problem was most of my friends purchased an Xbox one. So in late March I traded the PS4 in on the Gamestop special and got the Titanfall bundle.

I think the Xbox one is great. I have gotten a great deal of play out of it, I think it has some really good games on it. I have purchased a lot of the line up digitally, (as I did on the PS4, so when or if I go back, I still have my games.) Dead Rising 3 is a blast, I enjoyed Ryse, Titanfall is fun, and KI was great too. I have also owned Metal Gear Solid and Tomb Raider on both machines, and I can say there is a difference. The PS4 version performs better, not to say the Xbox One version perform bad, in fact they are playable and enjoyable, and have no issues. Just the PS4 version of both games are just crisper.

Last thing, I think the updates to the dual shock were awesome. It's a solid controller, even if the battery life is crap. And I think Sony's UI is better, but I have had no problems with Kinect voice commands and it is a neat feature.Using Kinect in Thief is a real treat.
As of now I think the Xbox has better games. That is till Last Of Us hits, especially if you haven't played it. I hope at E3 Microsoft just announces game after game, cause we know Sony is gonna bring the heat on exclusives.

User Info: godslayer61

3 years ago#23
I like both but the ps4 is more friendly when it comes to friends like sharing pics and who gets what trophy , I love how under every game you can see all your recent friends stuff on the x1 the only thing is on a games store page it might show some kind of leaderboards or having to go through a page or two to get to the live feed and even there it is not to great. There great systems though and as a gamer they are both worth the purchase .
psn-kish1975 ---- (360, xbox one)-godslayer1975---3ds=name, kish1975-FC-5386-9140-2291 ---http://www.twitch.tv/kish1975
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