GAME to shut down Xbox-only London store

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User Info: jblaze2121

3 years ago#21
BoomerHelll posted...

Much worse IMO
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User Info: rusty12000

3 years ago#22
So it's like a gamestop that only sells for one platform.....? No one wonder it Failed....
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User Info: Winnsock

3 years ago#23
Laylow12 posted...
motoraptor posted...
After reading the article (am I the only one?) I found this:

The trial store opened in June 2013 and was designed to showcase Xbox 360 and Xbox One products, particularly in the lead-up to the latter's autumn launch.

GAME has said that the store was only rented on a "short-term contract" but that learnings from its operation have been implemented in other stores nationwide.

In other words it's a pop-up shop. It was never intended to move a significant number of units or software. Create and raise awareness about the Xbox brand.

Yeah but if it was profitable, then the store would still be there. You don't shut down a profitable store just because "Oh well, we raised XBOX ONE awareness but we said we were only going to be here a short while... Gotta shut down a profitable store because the business plan - WAH, WAH".


Have you ever even heard of a pop-up shop?
GT: Winnsock

User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#24
In the words of our very own...

RaRitsujun posted...
Don't give up, TC!!


RaRitsujun posted...
Poor TC.

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User Info: prozac786

3 years ago#25
They had an Xbox only store?
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