Skype and Party Chat Problems

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User Info: Joeofmars

3 years ago#1
So a couple of days ago, there was an update for Skype. Ever since then, Skype is completely unusable. When I start it up, it makes the "wooshing" noise like it is going to sign in and then just kicks me to the dashboard.

Now I am in a party chat with a friend and the our voices are only coming through the TV and not our headsets, even though when I turn the volume up, I hear the beep through the headset.

Anyone know why this might be happening? Is it because I don't have the update yet?
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User Info: tarekio

3 years ago#2
also having same problem

User Info: phillyeagleflys

3 years ago#3
The NFL app has been broken since the march update
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