Does the xb one controller use a rechargable battery or 2aas?

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User Info: JoeSkeletor

3 years ago#11
CapwnD posted...
joeskeletor posted...
This is another thing that bugs me about xbox its stupid these days to make a controller that runs or requires the purchase of a kit as greedy as sony is they never charged extra to use thier controller xb1 controller is 59.99 charge kit is 24.99 thats 85dollars or you can choose to spend money on AAs which in the long run is more expensive.

And another thing hard drives wtf is wrong with MS i cant upgrade my hdd i was able to install a hybrid shd in my ps4 it reduced start times and game load times i cant even upgrade my xb1s at all.

Hybrid Drive option: Yes, that is a valid point.

The rest of your points are pure conjecture assuming that everybody wants what you want.

I do not want to plug in a USB cable to charge my controller.. or mouse, or keyboard, or anything. You like doing that? Great. Why do you assume everybody wants that? I have rechargeable batteries. If I choose to play wireless, I don't want to then be tethered by a cable.

I do want more storage space. I did upgrade my PS4 with a hybrid drive. What happens when I fill up my PS4 HDD? Maybe I can upgrade it again? Perhaps. It won't be enough space, unless Sony really does continue to have a small exclusive library like they currently have. With the Xbox One, I should be able to add external HDDs, as many as I want, much like you can with the Xbox 360.

You show your true colors when you diss the ps4s exclusive library which is on par with xb1 both are small for new consoles whos to say ps4 wont support external hds as of now xb1 dosent. And to the controller point the ps4 isnt tethered by a cord or a battery pack or a set of batteries sure you play for 4 hours straight it needs a charge but it charges while not playing and i didnt need to purchase that option my xb1 didnt even come with a cord to give me the corded option.
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User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#12
The point is that what's good for one isn't what everybody wants. I would rather change batteries than be tethered down to recharge the controller. I would rather add storage space than be limited to one drive.
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  3. Does the xb one controller use a rechargable battery or 2aas?

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