Man, Microsoft did everything they could trying to win March...

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User Info: blitz_0623

3 years ago#101
CharadeSmith posted...
Satchmo25 posted...
HyzinBurg posted...
Satchmo25 posted...
Titanfall topped the charts. Says gamers are more interested in Xbox. You ponies only have consoles to play with no games

Your post cannot be taken seriously with ignorance like that. Congrats on posting something not worth even reading.

And yet nothing you do can change the fact Titanfall took #1. This will keep you up at night unfortunately

It's funny because software sales on ps4 are great all around while xb1 owners are only buying titanfall. Guess the xb1 is the one that is lacking games after all. Must buy the only one there is or it'll just collect dust.

This is what's been bugging me. Xbots keep telling ponies how ponies have to resort to inFAMOUS to have a game to play on PS4 yet Titanfall tops the charts signalling it's actually the X1 owners resorting to 1 game to play on the X1. 1m X1 sales with 2.7m consoles has nearly a 40% attach rate.

At least use total software sales as the argument instead of TF topping the charts because it makes you xbots look stupid which you already are (all fanboys are, don't take it personally). X1 has more software sales signifying X1 owners buy more games than PS4 owners.
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User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#102
So, Microsoft did everything they could and it just doesn't work.

... Is the serie coming to an end ?

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

3 years ago#103
Solid_Gamer77 posted...
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
store shelves. Plural. Try harder kiddo.

as for your point, it lost all meaning when you defended a garbage spewing troll.

Saying "shelves" doesn't make the word "store" plural as single store can have multiple shelves derp.

Ancedotal accounts are completely meaningless in a discussion about how many PS4s have been sold. This is indisputable and nothing of what you said changes that statement.

when someone uses hyperbole like "OMG the PS4 is flying off store shelves!!!!!1!1!", are they referring to a single store?

of course not. Now stop arguing semantics, and stop defending garbage spewing trolls.

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User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

3 years ago#104
xacebop posted...

Store is singular. Then you said every store. Get your facts straight. Supposedly there are freak regions where there is an abundance of ps4s though I've never seen any evidence as the sales numbers are roughly the same and sonys production rate remains the same.

Around here and most places ps4s sell out the day they arrive. Xbone are stacked like totes in a stock room.

another loser arguing semantics. Which means, of course, you have no real argument.

as for your anecdotal accounts, they're meaningless.
Love is no fun with protection

User Info: SubSeenix

3 years ago#105

Xbox Fail

Maybe selling it for the price of a WiiU will help it to come closer.
Giving away the most hyped up game of the last 10 years for free,cutting the price down,giving away 1 Year Gold and they can't outsell the PS4 which just had to be in stores xDDDD

Hey Next Year with Halo 29783623789623 or whatever the number is currently you get a new chance.

Till then every game coming out will get treated like a PS4 Exclusive
Watch Dogs,Batman,DESTINY!!!!!, AC Unity and many others all getting marketed as PS4 Games :DDDDD

This year will be so sad for Xbots

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

3 years ago#106
SubSeenix posted...


no kidding :)
Love is no fun with protection

User Info: ssjgohhku

3 years ago#107
Ponies are sheep.
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