Do you think that ms will drop the x1 price at e3?

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  3. Do you think that ms will drop the x1 price at e3?

User Info: billOriley

3 years ago#21
HardcoreFtw posted...
I don't think they'll drop the price on current XB1. But I would expect a much cheaper Kinectless version. Expecting something like $50 cheaper than the PS4 right now.

I think they'll do this. THey'll probably make multiple skus and sell them a little bit cheaper than the ps4. I'm surprised that they didn't use that strategy this gen, because it worked in their favor last gen.

User Info: Rybal

3 years ago#22
XisurusX posted...
I say this because I do want the Xbox brand to succeed, not just because I want to get one on the cheap, but I think its time for MS to undercut the PS4. They need a bold move now because every multiplat that releases this year is going to generate bad press about resolutions and FPS when compared to the PS4. They cannot fight that and at the same time be the more expensive platform. They took a hardware loss with the 360, its time to take the same strategy with the one.

$275.00 kinectless sku, and do it before E3 so that E3 can be about GAMES and not be overshadowed by a price drop (which in itself would be exciting to gamers).

There's a good chance that they'll make the $450 permanent at E3. E3, btw, is the perfect place to announce a price drop. Just look at the good will that the PS4 garnered when it was announced to be $100 cheaper. It helped to push people towards the system despite the lack of exclusives.

I would be very disappointed in MS if they got rid of the Kinect, because it would show that they have no desire to stay true to any of their vision. What they need to do instead is to have developers that effectively use the Kinect and to display just how it can positively impact gaming.

At $450 (and probably at $500, once you've considered that retailers are also going to make a profit on the system), MS is already losing money on each console. It wouldn't be to their benefit to make that even worse.

Honestly, if they announce a November release date for Halo, it will help them. Also, if they wait until a few weeks before Halo drops and announce a LE X1 with Halo, their sales will shoot through the roof.

However, they also need something big prior to Destiny in September; otherwise, PS4 may get even more converts with the exclusive content that it's getting.
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  3. Do you think that ms will drop the x1 price at e3?

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