I own an Xbox One and I love it.

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User Info: archibald3

3 years ago#41
ShadowNinja87 posted...
cminc posted...
This sort of thing does beg the question, though, if xbox one owners are unable to share their happy and pleasantly suprised experiences with their new console--on the xb1 board-- without it being a reassurance topic, what the hell do you call what the pony's are doing by leaving their own board to talk up the ps4 on this one?

From here it looks a lot more pathetic. The ps4 can sell whatever it will with the ps faithful saying and resaying whatever they like and not one thing is going to change the fact that xb1 has better exclusives out now, showed more exclusives last year at e3, will likely show even more this year, and will actually have a few of the most anticipated out before this christmas.

When the majority of ps4 buyers are upset that killer instinct isnt coming to playstation, as they were at e3, and cant help but hope the titanfall sequel goes multiplat, which is said regularly right now, theres a problem with the way your console manufacturer does things.

So, yeah. Enjoy your 1080p indy's and The order, guys.

Sure...... So having a garbage game like Ryse, Forza 5 (which is micro transactions and meh) Dead Rising 3 which lack the fun and humor of the previous games, and a glorfied demo that is Killer Instinct, Titanfall (which is just another generic shooter that failed to boost sales of the X1) and that trumps ps4. The games are coming on ps4 and given that the ps3 had WAY better exclusives than the 360 last gen, most gamers know that the ps4 is where its at hence the reason its selling more than the X1.

People don't want the X1 because its focusing on being a media/ cable box more than an actual gaming system and its extremely over priced for weaker hardware and a forced camera. Plus Xbox Live is a massive pay wall that is over priced as well. If you like the X1 that's fine, but it won't be outselling the ps4 anytime soon so deal with it like MS told all us gamers before they got shut down by the ps4.

Doesn`t address the stark reality of what this guy said. Owners and fans of the Xbox coming on an Xbox message board to talk about and share what they like about it is reasurrance ? and ps4 owners leaving their board to hang around the Xbox board hacking and attacking it all day every day isn`t even more pathetic ?
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