The only reason PS4 sells more is because it's released in way more countries!!!

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  3. The only reason PS4 sells more is because it's released in way more countries!!!

User Info: UltraPlanet

3 years ago#1
Xbox One is only out in 13 countries while PS4 is in 72!!! Xbox One would trounce PS4 sales wise if it was out in all these countries. Titanfall destroyed Infailus sales and Xbox One is on track to make Sony sell more buildings and go bankrupt. Microsoft, Xbox One and Phil Spencer are way more then the almost bankrupt Sony could ever handle.

User Info: TheMuffin

3 years ago#2
MonicasBack ~This is an interesting topic, I could imagine my mom or someone else who has zero knowledge of games making it.

User Info: vyoung10

3 years ago#3
I dont need a signature...I just am...

User Info: badmanneil

3 years ago#4
Lol at this reassurance topic

User Info: PrinceMedion

3 years ago#5
Ummm... despite the blatant fanboyism few things...

1) We don't know how much better Titanfall sold then Infamous, they were #1 and #2 respectively, the only reason we know Titanfall even sold over a million is because Infamous did and sony publicly announced that. We still don't know what titanfall sold or what the breakup was between PC and XB1, obvious XB1 had the higher split but was it 60/40? 90/10? 80/20? What? Both games did extremely well but its unlikely Titanfall sold that much more then Infamous.

2) Yes the PS4 has been released in more countries but a majority of the sales are still US and even then the NPD covers US sales not worldwide so the PS4 continues to outsell the X1 in America and considering the US is Microsofts home turf... yeah.

3) Saying Sony is going to go bankrupt is like saying the Wii U is the doom of Nintendo, completely blown out of proportion, no neither is a good situation for either company but the Wii U is not going to kill Nintendo is no its highly unlikely Sony will go bankrupt.
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User Info: spacejamjordanz

3 years ago#6
I can bet you anything that most(if not all) territories where both are available right now that the PS4 is outselling the One. Even in US which is Xbox home turf, the One is getting outsold.

So once again why does it matter if it's in more countries or not?
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User Info: orestes1981

3 years ago#7
No. The PS4 is winning in every market (or almost every market) where they both compete.

PS4 is winning the US, England, Canada, and pretty much everywhere else. I think PS4 might be losing to the Xbox One in Brazil, though.
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User Info: TheBonfini

3 years ago#8
Kcypher alt?
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User Info: ImThe8thWonder

3 years ago#9
TheBonfini posted...
Kcypher alt?
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User Info: Ultima_Seph1

3 years ago#10
Buy a PS4. You know deep down you want to.
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  3. The only reason PS4 sells more is because it's released in way more countries!!!

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