The only reason PS4 sells more is because it's released in way more countries!!!

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3 years ago#11
orestes1981 posted...
No. The PS4 is winning in every market (or almost every market) where they both compete.

PS4 is winning the US, England, Canada, and pretty much everywhere else. I think PS4 might be losing to the Xbox One in Brazil, though.

Pssst. The UK is more than just England.
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User Info: DarthUchiha91

3 years ago#12
Then what's stopping MS from selling to those countries, since people are so convinced that's the reason the X1 falling behind in sales?
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User Info: SubSeenix

3 years ago#13
All those countries the X1 isn't officially released have them in stock

Especially all those european countries imported them in masses directly at launch and didn't sell them at all cause no one is stupid enough to buy a Xbox here.

Even Last Gen the 360 only did so good cause of the USA and the UK
The PS3 got crushed in those 2 markets and still cause of the other countries especially Europe the PS3 won.
Do you think in a time like right now where

1) The X1 had like 5 price cuts
2) gives away the most hyped up game of the last 10 years for free
3) and many other desperate actions like trying to fool people with some magical clouds and stuff

these european countries will care at all for a X1?
The X1 has lost the USA and the UK aka their only strong markets on the WHOLE Planet while Sony is destroying it there + has even more hype in the countries it does good anyway.
And as long as Sony has at the End a 1:1 situation in the USA Sony will win this easily by 40 Million SOLD units difference at the end of the Gen just cause the Playstation is a global product unlike the Xbox.
Playstation = loved worldwide
Xbox = USA+UK and as long as Sony has there equal or slightly more sold units Microsoft can't win

Hell till Halo 5 Microsoft has NOTHING to win back the US Market
They gave away CoD+Mechs which was the most hyped up game in a long time and still got DESTROYED by Sony IN the USA as NPD Shows.
Why?Just cause Sony made consoles available xDD

Sony has a lot of titles coming up in this year that will make the PS4 have steady high sales while the X1 will go back to 50-60k sold units worldwide as long as Microsoft isn't dropping the price down to WiiU level or lower.
All the remaining important games to either push or keep steady numbers in this year are either PS4 Exclusive or get marketed as such.
Watch Dogs and Destiny are the big hitters this year and they get only marketed for the PS4.
Then of course all the other also big Multiplats are favored for the PS4 like AssaCreed,Fifa in Europe even if MS gives EA money and tons of other games.
Not even talking about the performance gaps betweens those versions where the PS4 will win every time.

Microsoft has again only Halo(2 probably),Forza aaaand well nothing.
Quantum Break will fails as hard as Alan Wake or even harder probably cause the X1 has like 60 Million less sold consoles than Alan Wake had back then on the 360.
This will be so nice to see :D

User Info: ORANGE666

3 years ago#14
Those extra countries arent helping ps4 sales much.

Ps4 is like 1500 US is brazil, do people really think sales matter outside north america, europe and japan?

consoles are too expensive outside those 3
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User Info: copycat2008

3 years ago#15
Because outside US sony owns.
microsoft cannot sell in countries that has no guarantee it would sell at all. they would LOSE money instead, releasing a console in a country that wont buy their system. they need to win home turf first before announcing to the world.

microsoft did release their system to more countries First..
ps4 only sold inside the US in its first couple months and microsoft already had multiple countries released and sony still outsold MS. now its the other way around and still sony dominant.

these reassurance topic is realy pathetic, and there was that thing about sony refused tittanfall. LOL
seriously? there was a guy in titanfall who got fired because he thought xb1 would eat sony's lunch so they only release titanfall only for xb1...???? so what happen to that?
why would sony refuse titanfall yet accept a bunch of indie games? that dont make any sense.
so i think that was a made up lie, you know how MS is.....made up of dirty tactics
"paid youtube comentors for positive feed back" one of those

User Info: xacebop

3 years ago#16
Its selling better in those 13 countries. The extra 60 is just added sales

User Info: TauriLeader

3 years ago#17
Right then let narrow it down using VGchartz only as a guide. They only cover the biggest EU countries and the US.

US sales to date
PS4 2,981,827
Xbox 2,654,330

PS4 758,263
Xbox 522,448

PS4 385,443
Xbox 171,002

PS4 371,711
Xbox 171,913

PS4 4,497,244
Xbox 3,519,693

Difference 977,551

If it were a level playing field the PS4 would still be winning by nearly a million. These numbers are in Xbox's favor as well.
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User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#18
Ultima_Seph1 posted...
Buy a PS4. You know deep down you want to.

Lol !

And true.

User Info: prozac786

3 years ago#19
UltraPlanet posted...
Xbox One is only out in 13 countries while PS4 is in 72!!! Xbox One would trounce PS4 sales wise if it was out in all these countries. Titanfall destroyed Infailus sales and Xbox One is on track to make Sony sell more buildings and go bankrupt. Microsoft, Xbox One and Phil Spencer are way more then the almost bankrupt Sony could ever handle.

And if you actually compare the sales of the 13 Countries where both the PS4 and X1 are released in...

The PS4 is still ahead in each of them.

Lol check your facts next time before making silly reassurance posts.
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User Info: Turbokk

3 years ago#20
Titanfall pushed Xbox One way past PS4 sales.
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