$450 for an Xbox One and Titanfall?

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User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#11
lunchbox2042 posted...
avanent posted...
ps4 had a bump because sony flooded the channels in march and the shortage is over.

it hasn't sold out on amazon in weeks.

Maybe it hasnt sold out, but its still doing well. Its #4 on topselling in videogames, and the xbone is #20.

November to March = out of stock = #1
April = in stock = #4

bubble has burst now it's not hard to find

Demand dies down over time. Who would have thought?

Over time can still be a long time though.

Right now :

1- A PlayStation store card
2- A PlayStation store card
3- A PlayStation store card
4- A Xbox card ! All is not lost edition.
5- The PlayStation 4

23- The Xbox One ! Last hope edition.
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