Why do people think DX12 will make a difference?

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User Info: Sabram

3 years ago#31
Kovifan27 posted...
MS has already stated they dropped in the mono driver that allowed them to code to the metal and it was 100% optimized for X1.

Direct X12 will not make any significant impact. At earliest I would assume you won't see anything until 2016 at the earliest and they hope must people will have forgot about this.

Well considering DX12 isn't set to debut even for PC until December 2015, i think seeing something taking advantage of it in 2016 is likely. Probably some sequel to a flagship series like Forza or Gears of War.
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User Info: billOriley

3 years ago#32
They don't wanna live with the reality that the xbone is a weaker system. Ms themselves even said that they didn't target high end graphics this gen. Deep down inside they still hope and believe that the xbone has that secret sauce. They'll be disappointed in the end. Dx12 isn't gonna magically make the xbone hardware more powerful.

User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#33
30 posts and no one has a clue what the heck they are talking about! It's beyond sad..it really is.

DX12 will add marginal improvements to graphics but it sure as hell isn't making a 270x a 280x. It just doesn't work that way. Some things in DX12 will be done more efficient than before sometimes leading to a 50% improvement...on rendering one specific item in a specific way in a specific set of circumstances. That's how these things work, as a whole the output is better. Heck you might see things in DX12 that are way SLOWER than in DX11.

Anyways DX12 is REALLY ABOUT UNLOCKING MULTI CORE PROCESSORS. Up until recently DX has been god awful at spreading work across cores on the CPU. This will allow it to work more efficiently and boost CPU performance...again CPU PERFORMANCE...AGAIN CPU..NOT GPU. This has been holding back PC development for some time unless you went the open gl route.

Overall I expect a 5-10% improvement in graphics realistically. We will see more advanced physics be done, we will also see much more sophisticated AI if the developer can do it.

Another point is that this has made SONY go into their API and see about making the processors more effienct on their end too. Not only is DX12 directly helping games on x1 and PC but it is also making Sony look into multithreading on both the ps4 ANNDDD the ps3...I'm guessing they want cross gen chat on everything amd a better UI.

User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#34
You're a fool if you think it won't make a noticeable difference. Will it make as big a difference as they claim? Probably not, but it will make a difference.

That being said, anyone who takes any PR speak as gospel is a fool as well.

User Info: Solis

3 years ago#35
DirectX 12 will make a difference, but much of it will be in back-end implementations that will allow for more effective utilization by developers. Your typical user won't be able to pick out the specific improvements, but it should allow for easier and better use of GPU features, less overhead and more efficient use of system resources. It will be beneficial eventually once it's widely adopted (admittedly that might never happen if they're making Windows 8 a requirement for it), but at this point it's mostly just being used for marketing purposes unfortunately.

SS_MetalSonic posted...
" unless you compare it under a microscope, there was virtually no graphical improvement in Crysis by running it in DX10 as opposed to DX9 "


Actually that's completely true: the difference between running Crysis in DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 was insignificant. Where people were mislead is the fact that the "Ultra High" preset was only enabled through DirectX 10 by default, however the exact same settings (and higher settings, if desired) could be run on DirectX 9 by manually changing them. There was very little visual benefit to running in DirectX 10 instead of DirectX 9.
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User Info: DavCube

3 years ago#36
Thing is, DirectX is SOFTWARE. Software relies on the power of HARDWARE in order to work, not the other way around. If you try and install Windows XP onto a Windows '95 desktop while changing none of the hardware inside, it ain't gonna work. Unless the Xbox One itself is upgraded with better hardware, the effect that DirectX 12 will have on the games will be minimal at best. Or at least, it sure as hell isn't going to be "doubling" anything.

User Info: Arn544

3 years ago#37
DaLagga posted...

So... you make a claim like this and your only source is a web forum?

User Info: DaLagga

3 years ago#38
Arn544 posted...
DaLagga posted...

So... you make a claim like this and your only source is a web forum?

That wasn't a source to prove that previous directx versions only offered marginal improvements, no. It was a source to prove the absurdity of Microsoft's marketing nonsense. And in that regard, it does prove my argument correct.

As for performance concerns, there are countless benchmarks comparing DX9 to DX10 to DX11 under different OS's and all kinds of stuff. Feel free to look them up. I have and in almost all cases, the improvements are marginal at best. And the same goes for most of the graphical improvements in most titles.

User Info: LooksLikeRain

3 years ago#39
shamfuru posted...
Ironman06 posted...
This troll post backfired. I'm even more excited for DirectX 12 now.
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User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#40
Because, well for me, I like to be optimistic about things.

It could potentially be amazing for the x1 as it will be on for the pc.

No reason to start doubting now, no one at all knows what it will do on gamefaqs, we can just wait and see and hope it's not nothing!
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