What was the first console you bought with your own money?

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User Info: Spideyknight

3 years ago#301
Super Nintendo, with money from selling Golf Balls to Officers.
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User Info: chuckboston2k3

3 years ago#302
Gaming since the early 80's
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User Info: ChrisR07

3 years ago#303
The fat PS1. My sister and I pooled our allowances together in order to buy it.
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User Info: hell_tanuki

3 years ago#304
GFaqsUser22 posted...
Fat PS1.
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User Info: Sol_Apollo

3 years ago#305
Home console - Gamecube, it was a bundle but I can't remember what game was included

Portable - GameBoy Pocket Transparent. I was like 15 years old then but fell in love with it. Took me all my savings and never told my parents about it, otherwise I'd never see it again.
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User Info: schmutzmeisteR

3 years ago#306

User Info: VellBell

3 years ago#307
PS2 was the first in a long line of consoles I bought myself x)

User Info: darklinkfan55

3 years ago#308
i bought most of my consoles and games when i was growing up, but to name which i bought first i would say a gameboy color when i was around 10 and an xbox around 14
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User Info: ghosterds

3 years ago#309

User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#310
360. it came out my junior year of high school which is when i got my first job. saved up but it still took a while because it was just a crappy high school job.
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