Anyone else's Kinect "rebooting"?

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User Info: OUberLord

3 years ago#1
I've been having an issue where the Kinect will randomly shut off during use. The white light goes out, and the thing stops responding to voice / gestures. If a Kinect game is being played the game detects the Kinect as missing. After a few seconds it comes alive again, usually to continue having the issue later on.

Anyone else experiencing this? I've reseated the connections, rebooted the console (10 second hold), and pulled it from wall power for a few minutes.

User Info: PoweredMilkMan

3 years ago#2
Might be a dying kinect. Your better off on the xbox support forums. Hit up xbox support on twitter. They usually respond back pretty fast.
XBL/PSN/WiiU/Steam - bloodandbourbon
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  3. Anyone else's Kinect "rebooting"?

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