Who do you want to win the console war?

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User Info: PominAus

3 years ago#31

My bad i meant hard drive not HDD! Not the savviest when it comes to tech.

At least now paying to play online isn't just P2P (which I agree should be free) and MS is using their cloud for dedicated servers. Why is paying to play online a big deal to you if you think anyone who doesn't hold your view of competition being a detriment to the industry is poor?

Agree to disagree I guess.

User Info: billOriley

3 years ago#32
RedFive3 posted...
This poll proves Sony fanboys are the worst.

judging from your post history, you ain't no angel. Stop being salty

User Info: donate123

3 years ago#33
RedFive3 posted...
This poll proves Sony fanboys are the worst.

This site itself proves that

User Info: HELZERO

3 years ago#34
i actually voted for sony myself out of spite (I own a x1 by the way and not a ps4; only reason I didn't get the ps4 was because of the controller which I'm not fully used to). i was extremely happy with 360 but hate what m$ attempted to slide by with on the x1 until sony came and saved the day.. forcing them to make drm, digital reversals and shove kinect slightly less out of our bottoms. so yes even though competition is good, i hope ms learns their lesson by facing failure.. but not to the point of death.. but rather just enough to come back to keep sony in line.

On an unrelated note, something to think about is if sony made the same policies of m$ we'd all be screwed..
im on my mobile phone so excuse the cruddy spelling

User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#35
what console war? i thought this was all just a bunch of fanboys herping their derp about pixels, sales numbers, and a whole lot of money that will never go into their pocket?

User Info: ActionButler

3 years ago#36
Reflex-Arc posted...
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User Info: Stefmeister7

3 years ago#37
just because one company wins doesn't mean there's no competition. look at the ps2 era.

User Info: ThePaleRiderp

3 years ago#38
HellsController posted...
A return to the PS2 days would be nice.

God yess
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User Info: chedibang1994

3 years ago#39
The bigger question is why we want a winner, the answer is you when you buy it you help support it and keep it alive as the consumer it's all ways up to you to buy it
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User Info: atopp399

3 years ago#40
I'd love Nintendo to win. Sony looks like it is going to walk away with it this gen though. Microsoft and Nintendo have a good little competition going though even though no one likes to admit it...
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