What game shall I buy?

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User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#11
Jedi454 posted...
callum623 posted...
Thanks for the help everyone. I'm going to go with tomb raider as I need something that will last a long time. I also might go with pvz and trials fusion if I get bored later on.

Tomb Raider is short and the multiplayer is horrific! Get PvZ instead.

This. Rent TR and plow through it. You obviously like shooters and PvZ is really fun. Trials is great too.

User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#12
AC IV if you haven't played it and enjoy the series.
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User Info: kidwgm

3 years ago#13
VladIIITepes posted...
Plants VS Zombies is pretty amazing. :-)

This. I'm also having fun with LEGO The Hobbit.
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User Info: UltraCiggy

3 years ago#14
I would recommend Thief if you are into stealth games. It was a love or hate game for many, but I thought it was great old school stealth experience.

LEGO Marvel is also really fun. I'm not a fan of the LEGO games but I liked this one.

ACIV if you are into the series. I'm not a big fan and liked the naval combat, but after about 10 hrs I got kind of bored with the game. I'll go back to it eventually but think the pacing could be much better and story is a bore.

User Info: callum623

3 years ago#15
cheezedadada posted...
If you are really looking for something to last a long time though, AC4 will def last longer. AC4 main story is about ~20 hours and a completionist run is about ~50.

I would get AC4 but I've never played any of the others.
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User Info: callum623

3 years ago#16
I might think about buying tomb raider and pvz as people are suggesting it. Although pvz doesn't look like something I'd normally play so I will have another game with it in case.
GT: Malicious Skunk
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