What genre of video games you feel takes the most skill?

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  3. What genre of video games you feel takes the most skill?

User Info: General73

3 years ago#151
I think it basically boils down to whether or not the game can become literally impossible to win.

For example, an RTS player can be put into a situation where they have no units or resources, and therefore cannot win, no matter how good at the game they are. If the match started with them in this condition, their skill would never even have a chance to factor in.

On the contrary, I know for a fact that my lack of skill at fighting games (and hell, even games like Dark Souls) means that I could never beat someone who had mastered the game, no matter how much of an in-game handicap I had been given (Within reason, of course; being invincible makes things far too easy).

Basically, if at any given time a come-back is literally impossible, I see the game as being less reliant on player skill.
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User Info: Magus_Stragus

3 years ago#152
People in this topic need to play Taiko no Tatsujin for a taste of real, inhuman difficulty.

But aside that, I'd say RTS. Figthing games require mastering of one skill, reflexes; on the other hand, RTS requires mastering over many different skills.
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User Info: jellybeanmaster

3 years ago#154
Fighting games & RTS but more so fighting games.

Managing everything can seem overwhelming but after a while u know fundamental basics such as having a certain amount of bases after a certain time. What defenses should be up in preparation for X, and strats become more map dependant than anything. Given that u both have the same tools to work with it becomes a lot like chess. White goes for the "Queens Gambit" so you play the "Albin Counter Gambit". Chess lingo but the idea is u see the strat and use a logical counter tactic. What makes RTS so hard is implementing these things all while maintaining ur resources. Yeah you see theough their strategy and ur counter is a few clicks away, but do you have the resources to pull it off. You might but is it worth it in the long run. The decision making while maintaining an army is a daunting task.

The thing about fighting games however is its very fast paced and split second decisions are a constant. It has the mind games & tactics but the one thing it has over everything else is execution. U might out think ur opponent but do you have the skill to capitalize to the fullest on that small opening you created. Are you fast enough to anti air whenever they jump at you to teach them to stop jumping. Or 3D fighters like tekken where char have 50+ Attacks with different proerties which differ again on counter hit. frame data. Hit /hurt boxes. Its a lot to retain. Spacing is very important and 3D fighters make you worry about positioning (dodging to the left avoids the move but not the right). Then you have matchups to deal with, where certain attacks and strategies work against one char but not the next. Then theres char matchup variants where people play that same char but rushdown or defensive, move around or turtle. the randomness that every match has keeps you on your toes. Throw that all together in a one on one (often 30 sec.) battle and u have a genre thats not very accessible to everyone

User Info: SparkItUp

3 years ago#155
Depends TC, some take different kinds of skill.

Personally, I think anything that has to do with resource management & strategy is where skill comes into play the most.

User Info: VoidNoodle

3 years ago#156
Rhythm games are up there, too. Have you seen IIDX?


Yeah...just look at that.


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User Info: jellybeanmaster

3 years ago#157
DarthUchiha91 posted...
Fighting games for sure. Play some blazblue. You'll understand then.

Not Blazblue. Virtua Fighter 5. Its common knowledge to fighting game enthusiasts that its the hardest fighting game to master

User Info: Anthonny

3 years ago#158
Sports games. To be actually GOOD at one you need to really understand how the sport is played. Then you need to know different players and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Then you need to make on the fly decisions on what you're going to do on offense and defense and adjust to your opponents strategy. And with today's games ability to make different players hot or cold you can't just rely on the same guys every game.
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User Info: savagechild89

3 years ago#159
Geist posted...
RTS, fighters are hard, but you can memorize move lists, you can not do the same of strategy.

^this. RTS games without a doubt. fighting games are the clear runner up though. fighting games while not entirely static are still pretty cut and paste. most skilled players know what characters are good against what and how to shut out other characters.

RTS on the other hand are pretty fluid in what is powerful. they are just on another level when played at the top tier. not saying that fighting games arent intense. jut no where near how RTS is. high end RTS players are in a league of their own imo
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User Info: Steelix500

3 years ago#160
I'd say RTS or Fighting games
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