Phil Spencer: Xbox One June and July Updates Look Really Good

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User Info: zinsindetta

3 years ago#51
Sin_Angelus_ posted...
Laylow12 posted...
Another 180 or just adopting Sony's plan?

Actually I think they're just continuing 360's original plan, considering it had the influx of indies first. If anything, Sony is adopting that.
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User Info: Herbylurch

3 years ago#52
BoxTheMuppet posted...
billOriley posted...
" I get the idea and I agree getting more smaller games is a good thing for the platform"

bu but i thought that the xbone fans didn't want those crappy indie games?

I don't do indie, for the most part, but you get a few decent ones in the sea of garbage. Limbo was good, Minecraft is considered an indie, and I would pick up Grave if it got made.

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#53
June and July, right.

It's not like we already have monthly sale topics with various reports here and there.

And June and July aren't going to be good either.

User Info: Horridhal

3 years ago#54

Full scale cypher meltdown.
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User Info: Sin_Angelus_

3 years ago#55
U_WOT_M8 posted...
So if I'm understanding correctly, It's good that 360 had lots of indies first, bad that PS4 has them now, but good because Xbox One will be getting more.

How on God's green earth did you interpret that from my post?

User Info: -Oath-

3 years ago#56
Horridhal posted...

Full scale cypher meltdown.

Lol yep.
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User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#57
Indies don't count until Phil Spencer says they count. | twitter: @astroduck79
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User Info: SteelTooth

3 years ago#58
MrImpatient35 posted...
I hope the next update has media videos on my computer. I know asking for.mkv support is prolly too much to ask, but it'd be nice. I'll take .mp4 support though.

There is a workaround for playing .mkv files on X1 using Plex on PC and using the right click > "Play To" option.

Used it to watch Serenity a couple of weeks back.
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User Info: HelloImNotBob

3 years ago#59
Summer is always teh best time for game releases!

That Phil noes what hes doing!

User Info: ExempliGratia

3 years ago#60
Laylow12 posted...

So small indie games are going to be good now?

Another 180 or just adopting Sony's plan?


Didn't Microsoft basically start Indies on consoles with the Xbox 360? So how does this make sense?
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