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User Info: Va1on

3 years ago#1
No pun intended. If anyone can help me out. I am stuck in chapter 0 and the truth has vanished main mission is no longer there. I am level 17. I cant even do a side mission to get into the graveyard. The door to get to the sewer in the alleyway is locked, cant open it.

Is this a glitch?

User Info: Jx1010

3 years ago#2
U sure?
The game just came out.
On the console with the latest technology.

User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#3
The boards not dead but as with most ms game boards that's not a souls or minecraft board you may have to wait a little bit for a reply most of the help you will get here is just trolls like the second poster.

Also sorry I haven't played it yet! Didn't like the previous games so I skipped it. >.>
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User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#4
If I remember correctly, the way to get into the graveyard is part of a main mission, so you won't be able to get into it. Same with the sewer.
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User Info: Cowboy082288

3 years ago#5
You may not have meant it as a pun..... but I choose to view it as one. This topic is much more fun that way.
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User Info: uniquebadger

3 years ago#6
You shouldn't be able to get into the graveyard in chapter 0 anyways. Also it is probably dead because most people have beat it and moved on. It was a great game, but not much in the way of replay ability.

User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#7
You don't get to the graveyard until further into the story.
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