WTF Xbox?!

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User Info: Darkside_Shadow

3 years ago#11
Sounds like someone is screwing with you using Smartglass

User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#12
kennyynnoo posted...
Viper187666 posted...
Bet it works fine on 360. Anyone who buys an XB1 this year is a sucker. Sorry. Sad but true.

Why in the world are you here if you don't own one?

There's no such requirement to be on this forum, and he's 100% right. After last gen, and considering the games out so far, being an early adopter is for suckers only. Anyone with any sense is waiting things out the first year. It's impossible to make a fully informed decision on a console earlier than that, too many things are up in the air still. That doesn't bar us from posting here, in fact our undecided state means we should be here as much as anyone, collecting information to make our decision.

User Info: Viper187666

3 years ago#13
I like how some mod needed to feel powerful and delete my post but it's quoted like 12 times anyway. idiots. I own $10k in 360 games. You can be anti-XB1 without being a fanboy troll. People need to realize that.
I refuse to buy XB1 until it's sold without Kinect. No, I'm not a Sony fanboy. See?

User Info: -FryShakeWad-

3 years ago#14
Double tap the xbox home button. Simple.
I am Ultimate Warrior. You are the Ultimate Warrior fans. And the spirit of The Ultimate Warrior will run forever! - James Brian Hellwig (R.I.P)

User Info: Rdeal2

3 years ago#15
flame030191 posted...
I'm just sitting here, ready to start a match in Titanfall, and as soon as it loads up, it fails in randomly "Snapping" to Friends on the side. So I click the guide button and close out of the snap. I try to return to the game, and it won't let me, I can only watch it.

I say "Xbox, Go to Titanfall" and it gives me control again, but does not give me full screen, i can only play on the dashboard. I click the guide button again, and it freezes altogether.

Anyone else have something like this happen? It really aggravated me because I had to wait forever to load everything up for it to spaz out on me.

If you can snap friends you must have a version of the dash no one has
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