Battlefield 4 worth getting still

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User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#1
I have titanfall but not loving it. It's fun but ok. I want something else as my go to fps with more to do and game modes. From videos I'm leaning toward battlefield. Will it last till Nov when the next one is out are they making another. Do I need all the dlc is it fun to play solo just joining matches no friends. Is this the right choice or just wait till call of duty in November.

User Info: Kraven_XRLKB

3 years ago#2
Battlefield 4 isnt fun unless your playing with friends. Even then the community is nearly non-existent on Xbox.
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User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#3
Oh ok

User Info: eLiTeRiChxUK

3 years ago#4
Agreed, is only fun if playing with friends.
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User Info: hsu_reddie09

3 years ago#5

User Info: B1GB0SS_86

3 years ago#6
Get it. Its fun even without friends. If you find the gun and class that suits you well you will enjoy it. Bf4 is more about being an asset to the team even in modes like tdm. It has its issue but its my most played game out of the 15 that i have. I grew tired of titanfall also and went right back to bf4. I highly recommended it. Stay away from cod ghost tho.

User Info: Obtik

3 years ago#7
Its by far the best next gen game out IMO ( now that most of the bugs are gone) but had a really bad release which rightly turned a lot of people off.

User Info: Obtik

3 years ago#8
Also the shooting mechanics and vehicle gameplay while very easily accessible is hard to master, so many are turned off by the skill gap. if you don't dedicate time to learning the game you're gonna go 2-18 every round, even if you've played other fps games

User Info: xninjagrrl

3 years ago#9
I was having fun even when getting owned. But yeah, better with a squad of friends. The instant I switched to Support I was getting more kills than deaths, I guess squad load out really matters. We didnt do very well when we all went engineer.
Pros: The pills were there.
Cons: So was the tank.

User Info: ItchyTasty93

3 years ago#10

Best played on PC
It's pretty bad on Failstation 4 &Xbox Won.

Get COD Ghosts on One.
The Xbox players aren't noobs. unlike PS players.
Though If you want a perfect K/D ratio then get it on PS4.
(Terrible play style for PS noobs)
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