Battlefield 4 worth getting still

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User Info: Wolverine24708

3 years ago#11

This isn't during peak hours, but gives you an idea of its community size

User Info: callum623

3 years ago#12
I started playing it again yesterday to keep me from getting bored until I go out and buy plants vs zombies and its not as bad as people say it is. I play solo but it's still good. However the servers seem more empty a lot of the time but I'd say get it.
GT: Malicious Skunk

User Info: Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden
3 years ago#13
It has everything you'd want in a next gen shooter. Best game out right now.

User Info: PoweredMilkMan

3 years ago#14
its good when it works. these new servers coming out is supposed to help with the rubber banding.
XBL/PSN/WiiU/Steam - bloodandbourbon
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