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User Info: Virobot

3 years ago#51
Mindwipe77 posted...
Or those who got a console at launch day 1 or standard, you all understand the risk we took by buying our x1's and supporting MS on day 1 right? We got a special controller and a day 1 virtual achievement. Yes by buying our consoles early we may have missed out on free copies of forza,titanfall or w/e but MS had to do what they had to do to get these thing off the shelves. MS knows the hardcore will buy the system day 1 regardless, it is the money of the causal players they are really after, and yes they get the best deals. I try to remain hopeful though that in the future that anyone with a day 1 achievement will be rewarded in the future but ofc MS does not have to. Anyone think MS has anything up their sleeves for day 1 owners?

Uhhhh, what? Lol.

The only thing they have up their sleeves is you had the "privelage" to get the console day 1. Congrats...
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User Info: BTM4444

3 years ago#52
People can troll all they want but us day one owners will get something special from Microsoft someday and then all the haters and trolls can suck it
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