This generation seems to be going the way 6th gen.

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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#11
Here at Globo Gym, WE'RE BETTER THAN YOU! And we know it!
[Force Persuade] That is not an opinion, you are just a troll with no life.

User Info: Izraeil

3 years ago#12
Cowboy082288 posted...
Izraeil posted...
Gambitbuzzkill posted...
Izraeil posted...
The topic title made it quite clear what it was about.
If you're not interested in the discussion there's no need to waste your time letting me know how much you don't care.

I just dont see the point in this topic its only been what 6 months and already your saying this is like the 6th gen. Do you see how foolish that sounds what don't even know what games we will be playing next year and already your going hand the crown to Sony. Your only reason for posting this here is to piss ppl off not have civil discussion, For all we know Sony might have a really slow start like they did with the 6th gen when it comes to games then what. Stop with the dumb topics like this and have a seat and enjoy whatever games you like to play.

My wording also makes it quite clear that it's a prediction based on current trending, not hard facts. Now get back to your game.

But it is not based on 'current trending'. The X1 is way outselling the original Xbox within the same time frame. Actually it has sold better than the 360 in the same time frame.

Your assumptions are based on nothing but your own imagination. And I agree with the other posters, your just doing this to try and pick a fight.

1. Why would anyone fight me over how much I think a console will sell?

2. 360 was trending much better than XB1 is at this point, Everything sells FASTER as time goes by and companies find new ways to market their products, but they don't necessarily sell more over all. 360 was having shortages after it's launch, XB1 is having to cut it's production due to overstock. That's the more important part of trending rather than how much it sold initially due to difference in how many units were manufactured.
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