Remember how the Wii won last gen?

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User Info: FrostyLemon

3 years ago#71
If the PS3 was to keep selling 60k a week then over the next two years it would sell roughly 6 million. It would still be short.

User Info: nimerjm37

3 years ago#72
0PTICS posted...
Wii won last gen? I hardly ever used it. It was innovative, but I wouldn't say it won last gen.

It took #56 posts in this topic before someone ignorantly denied the Wii won last gen. I'm actually proud of you guys! Too often, the console boards (not just this one, all of them) seem to be allergic to truth, and here it took FIFTY-SIX replies before someone broke out fanboy blinders!

Congrats, Xbox One board! Could this small victory for sanity be a sign of less fanboy ism to come?! I hope so, but probably not.
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User Info: deathstlkr

3 years ago#73
Jedi454 posted...
Well the Xbox One is a success in my home, so in the end of the day, isn't that all that matters?

To each his or her own, my friend. If you're happy with your XboxOne, that's What I think is important.

User Info: Minamo

3 years ago#74
orestes1981 posted...
aj4x94 posted...
In all seriousness, is price the main reason the Xbox One isn't selling?

I ask because even as a primary Sony user, I can't find a good reason to pick up any of the console just yet due to the lack of games at the moment.

It is weaker hardware & worse to develop on than the PS4. The small amount of eSRAM is going to limit the appearance of 1080p

Honestly, in the end nobody actually cares about which has weaker hardware. The weaker hardware has won every generation outside of potentially 7th gen, which is still going strong despite the Wii dropping out early. Sure, better hardware is always nice, but its all about the games and price. Xbone is losing the price war (due to Kinect stubbornness), and everyone is losing on the games war (again, 7th gen is going strong), although currently the Wii U shows the most potential.

Microsoft will always lose to Sony when it comes to games in the long run, unless they can somehow make Japan gobble up their consoles. Otherwise it'll be like the past two generations; they'll buy a few exclusives, and give up a year in, which is when all the Japanese developers start making games multiplat or Sony exclusive.

User Info: MrSteez

3 years ago#75
I don't remember the Wii winning. I remember it collecting dust in my entertainment center.
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User Info: Minamo

3 years ago#76
FrostyLemon posted...
That's irrelevant though, last gen is over. Nintendo has stopped selling the Wii so there's no room for comparison. Even if Sony sold 100 million PS3s that doesn't mean they 'won' last gen, it just means they had it on the market longer.

That's why the release list for the PS3 is bigger than the Xbone and PS4 lists combined? Because the 7th gen is over, right? I'd agree with you if the releases for 7th gen were barely trickling in, but we're still getting newly announced games for PS3 and 360 (Tales of Zestiria, Tropico 5, GRID Autosport, etc.)

User Info: rellimnayr

3 years ago#77
Another Xone topic bashing PS4 makes it to the front page without getting modded for trolling WTF

User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#78
The Wii won because it was more affordable and the motion control gimmick enthralled the casual market.
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User Info: SupaflyGibson

3 years ago#79
Yuri_LowelI posted...
SupaflyGibson posted...
And the PS2 before that? Wii spec wise was a joke and the PS2 didn't hold a candle to the xbox either. Yet they still killed the competition. This is why this board is such a joke, half of it is X1 haters bashing the X1 for inferior specs and praising the PS4 as the reincarnation of Christ…when specs tend to not matter in the long run. What matters most is games. Both consoles are arguably equal in that category now, but I could easily see that change at E3. MS will definitely reveal Halo and possibly a new gears, and lets not forget how past ps exclusives like kingdom hearts will now be multi-plat.

rubbish. PS2's specs back then were irrelevant. Xbox//PS2/GC had similar types of games technically. People who say otherwise are stupid.

Wii didn't win anything except get fat old grandmas play Games.

360 and Ps3 were aimed towards a different market. PS2/XB/GC were in direct competition that's why PS2 got all the 3rd party support and outsold XB and GC ombined x 2. Wii 360 and PS3 have similar sales. I think it's onyl 15 million ahead of PS3 and 360 has sold over 80M.

People need to do research before making silly topics.

"In September 30, 2013, the Wii has sold 100.30 million consoles worldwide.[28] As of December 31, 2013, the Wii has sold 100.90 million consoles worldwide." http://

PS3 sold 80 million (as of November 2, 2013).

According to this board's typical logic the PS3 is a huge failure and dead in the water, while the Wii is the best console.
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User Info: SupaflyGibson

3 years ago#80
rellimnayr posted...
Another Xone topic bashing PS4 makes it to the front page without getting modded for trolling WTF

How am I bashing the PS4 lol and how many topics don't get modded that are bashing the X1? Please post something constructive or nothing at all.
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