Microsoft Claims that Cloud Computing Can Provide Power of 3 Xbox Ones

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User Info: TrueBlue91

3 years ago#21
-Xbox One + Cloud = 4 Xbox Ones

-DX12 doubles the power, = 8??

Wow, buy an Xbox One and you actually buy 8. This is what they meant by "over-delivering value"
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User Info: Tenzhi

3 years ago#22
If that's the same video I saw (shooting up the building and watching the frame rate drop without the cloud, then showing it running smoothly with the cloud), it's something they were running on PCs not an XBOne and not with several hundred thousand other people doing it at the same time. So it isn't exactly proof that the cloud will work that way in practice, but rather an example of how it might possibly work.
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User Info: pez2k_

3 years ago#23
TheGam3925 posted...
That explains why Titanfall looks 32x better on Xbox One than it does on Xbox 360.

Oh, wait.....

Titanfall on 360 and PC uses the same 'cloud' tech as on the XB1, so I guess it's already running on 33x the power of a 360 at minimum?
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User Info: Talk2DaHand

3 years ago#24
This is possible, and MS ain't the only one that has showed demos of this. Here, watch this from Nvidia:

User Info: highwindmt

3 years ago#25
Does anybody actually believe this? The way Microsoft is pimping DX12 and the cloud, the Xbone is allegedly going to be more powerful than even the most high end pcs.

All I have seen so far are a bunch of quotes claiming these amazing processing feats and an unimpressive demo. Nothing solid.

I'm extremely surprised people are still buying into the 'power of the cloud'. Even if it works (which is doubtful) only the few people with amazing connections will be able to take advantage of it. Microsoft is trying to stir up hype to sell Xbones, that's all this boils down to.
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User Info: LostOdyssey17

3 years ago#26
Sniper_Brosef posted...
Yes. Great post Sama... Whine about cloud processing not being possible. After MS shows it is at a build conference what then? It's probably doctored. Thank you for your insight Sama. I'm sure the world will be better off knowing that the great and powerful Sama is here to pull s*** out of his ass and speculate from his couch.

I love me some couch speculation!
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User Info: Ragnawind

3 years ago#27
The_DOAM posted...
You know the Wii U uses cloud based tech for it's TVii had it since launch actually.
The PS4 uses a modified Direct X 11 as well.

My point is things like Direct X or even this cloud talk won't help the ONE at all as the competition can just as easily do it. If they actually had some one with a gaming background(Yes I'm bringing this up) they'd know that they need to focus heavily into the games ignore 3rd parties like EA and do their own thing.

If they had people with real tec knowledge, they would also know that their "cloud technology" is NOT cloud technology at all. They should really learn to use the proper words for what they are actually using.

User Info: foreverzero14

3 years ago#28
No amount of cloud computing can make the internal hardware work better.
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User Info: bucmic

3 years ago#29
Doesn't cloud gaming require a good internet connection? Some of us have multiple people on the internet in the house at all times.

User Info: Nairodmatic

3 years ago#30
Zerabp posted...
Real time processing vs offloaded processing real time wins. They already have latency and bottleneck issues because of DDR3, using the cloud would exacerbate this. The only reason they are pushing "the cloud" so heavily is because it effectively brings back the always online drm by arguing that the cloud is needed for essential processing tasks.

I think this bears repeating.
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