How much of a price cut do you think MS will announce at E3?

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User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#41
50 dollarsand a free game

User Info: Private_Noob

3 years ago#42
Fifty percent ($250) is the most logical answer.
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User Info: leathelj

3 years ago#43
Porunga posted...
BoneRevolution posted...
If they keep the price people will complain. If they cut they're desperate. So yeah, whatever.

Agreed.. which is something I generally don't do with things you say.

The damage has been done, no matter what MS does at this point it is not going to help the xbox's image. No price drop: people complain. Drop the kinect but keep price: another 180/ms desperate/should have dropped price/people complain. Price drop: should have dropped kinect/ms desperate/people complain. Price drop + Kinect drop: another 180/ms desperate/people complain.

Omg soooo true Microsoft just can't please every one and people will never be satisfied and just keep crying about everything. I do disagree with the image part Microsoft can defintly improve thee image they need to keep makeing good games and makeing xb1 better what they need to stop doing now is catering to cry baby's to much and focause on more important stuff.
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User Info: xFrostxPhoenix

3 years ago#44
jairusmonillas posted...
FinzFan4life posted...
they will drop the price but not the kinect.

Sony can not afford a price cut.

And IDC either way people will eventually see the benefit of the XB1

Really? You forgot PS3 at one point was $599.

Due to that price point, and the price cut that followed, Sony is still trying to dig themselves out of the whole. The PS3 losses are what eventually led to the Vaio demise, and Sony having to move and sell stocks and capital.
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User Info: xFrostxPhoenix

3 years ago#45
Microsoft isn't going any lower than $449 . With that price point, they are already taking a loss. They aren't going to take a loss of roughly $70/console by using the $399 price point.
GT: xFrostxPhoenix | PSN: xFrostxPhoenix
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User Info: Cowboy082288

3 years ago#46
nickr2d2 posted...
mcmax3000 posted...

They will cut the price by $0 at E3.

That is my guess, but who knows.
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User Info: youngskillz

3 years ago#47
i'll laugh if they don't give a price cut, they will far further behind if the trend continues.

10+ million behind ps4 can happen in the not too distant future, an if it gets any worse than that they might aswell throw in the towel.

of course i'm assuming they actually want to still try to get the most sales/attach rate ect?

unless they've already secretly given up on that...
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User Info: regsantotomas

3 years ago#48
Whether it's a price drop or not, I would expect that Microsoft will announce something that adds a value proposition to the Xbox One. That could be a price drop, a bundle, or a combination.
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User Info: leelee3105

3 years ago#49
I don't know. I mean since MS is only a few years away from a monopoly on the console market im not sure they need to make a price cut at all
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