Controller - Disconnecting - Thoughts?

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User Info: Kocano26

3 years ago#11
If you have a mini or micro usb try that without any batteries/charger inside you might have to sit close to the xbox but if it still does it with a direct connection then it's a faulty controller.
Kocano Wins!

User Info: Chewie212

3 years ago#12
I've used the micro-USB without issue. It only does it during wireless play.

I don't like using wired often, because I have to sit so close. I prefer to game on my bed, 10-12 feet away, where I can lay down.

User Info: Chewie212

3 years ago#13

More thoughts, please

User Info: toolman129

3 years ago#14
After the first controller update, I had this happen a few times.

After the most recent update, I haven't had it happen even once. Not trying to sound condescending, but assuming the latest update, are you sure it's not because of low battery? I only ask because now when my controller disconnects is only when I need to charge.

Also, maybe it's game related? Haven't really put in too much time on a few of my
games compared to others.

If it is a controller issue, I would suspect a firmware issue rather than a faulty controller, but the latter is certainly possible.
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