The paywall is THE reason why XB1 has failed to attract the casual gamer

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  3. The paywall is THE reason why XB1 has failed to attract the casual gamer

User Info: DarkAdonis123

3 years ago#51
M$ has made all the wrong moves this gen.
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User Info: TheGam3925

3 years ago#52
Casuals can buy the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV etc if they want entertainment and they don't have to deal with a ridiculous paywall.
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User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#53
Enigma149 posted...
bob15x posted...
axelfooley2k5 posted...

500 for inferior hardware

500 in general.......people look at the cheaper product then are told it is more powerful and that is the icing on the cake

he said casual. Casual don't really care about just games but the whole package. While it is much worse for game, it is better for other things

Oh, please, it's not "much worse for gaming". Yes, it's not quite as powerful, but at this point, I think it's been pretty much established that the Xbox One is only slightly weaker than the PS4.

And more expensive than the PS4.

Quite an odd combination but there you go.

User Info: MonicasBack

3 years ago#54
It is pretty funny, especially when PS3 has the best Netflix experience.

User Info: maizemaize

3 years ago#55
I guess I will just go with my dish subscription, and keep my old console for another 2 years.

User Info: Heracylost

3 years ago#56
The 3DO, LazerActive among others are prime examples of that "All in one" media centers that were total failures. Overpriced, underpowered but broad promises. The Xbone as of now is not a failure. But I buy systems to play games, not watch TV.
It's a proven failure already. Luckily for the xbone the technology has advanced to where it can be a media hub. But I personally don't care. I'd just want to play games on the stupid thing. The pay wall is a farce and I don't even participate on my 360. I can use 100 other devices to do what it does. And it don't cost me more than what I already pay for the services. So unless the change their grubby, greedy ways. I, as of now have no use for the xbone. I can pass games that I would want. I'm an adult, it's no big deal to me.

User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#57
SoulTrapper posted...
The paywall is just one part of the problem.

The xbox one has had PR issues since the reveal, E3 made it even worse.

They came back on a lot of those ridiculous policies, but at the same time they were blaming their consumer because they "weren't ready" for what they had planned.

This of course meant that reversing those policies lost most of it's effect, because they were insulting the people who they were changing the policies for.
It's as if they spat in your soup and called you names when you complained about it and asked for a fresh bowl.
It just doesn't make any sense.

And then came the rumors of multi platform games running at lower resolutions.
Those were accompanied by heavy denial of the hardware being worse than that of the ps4 and claims by MS representatives that "the truth would come out" and other claims like it.

When those rumors turned out to be true, MS once again lost a lot of consumer trust because they had been pretty much denying it up till a couple days/weeks before the launch.
Lying to your customers is never a good idea.

So at this point, they had done almost nothing to convince the "hardcore" gamers who were turned off by the reveal and E3 as to why they should get their console.
And those "hardcore" gamers are always the first adopters, the people who want to get that new console ASAP.
The casuals follow the "hardcore" gamers, because they ask their gamer friend which console to get and they look around and see that most people they know (the early adopters) have a PS4.

They have their loyal fanbase, which was willing to buy the console and which provided a nice amount of sales, though.

Add to all of that the important price difference, the paywall for otherwise free services, the inferior specs, the forced camera in a year that also had the NSA leaks and the complete mess that was their PR and you've got a recipe for a console that's obviously under performing sales wise.

Good read for anyone not afraid to taste some truth serum.

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User Info: jpraelster

3 years ago#58
The main reason is the price casuals arent as concerned with the other stuff they go for whatevers cheaper

User Info: Enclave

3 years ago#59
BBQMoosehead posted...
No offense but having a PC in the living room looks stupid. Theyre meant for desks and offices, not livng rooms. Tablets are meant for livjng rooms.

I had a laptop hooked up to my TV until I got a smart TV, it was smaller and sleeker than the Xbone and worked far better than and console as a media centre. Never even would open it up as I just had an HDMI cable going from it to the TV. Had a small wireless keyboard for it as well as mouse and a couple controllers synced up for gaming.

So tell me, how is it not for the living room when it worked perfectly and took up less space?
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User Info: BBQMoosehead

3 years ago#60
How useful is the xb1 to someone without gold?
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