so it looks like the future is this...

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User Info: leelee3105

3 years ago#71
U_WOT_M8 posted...
leelee3105 posted...
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Yeah, Sony seems to be wanting to go with cloud based gaming, how is that any different than Microsoft? You know, the cloud being part of the Xbox One's design.

Microsoft already wants Windows computers to be part of the cloud, where as the cloud handles everything

So chances are, both consoles will not exist next generation and will just be a box, similar to FireTV

except the xbox will exist. MS has put out the Xbox one as the perfect bridge to go from the present to the future. it can do so much more than play games. with the actual games being held on the cloud it will come down to which "box" can do the other stuff better.

You are aware that there is interest in liquidating the Xbox brand right? By the way, that's from the Microsoft offices.

again your guys are missing the point. some stake holders in MS talked about ditching the xbox, people from Sony's GAMING DIVISION are saying they arent making another console. big difference.
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