CoD:G will be an event at X Games.

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User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#1 | twitter: @astroduck79
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User Info: WartPig_

3 years ago#2
blah hahahaha. twitch shooter. as a sport. tap L tap R.... gets kill. this is why i only use pistols when i play now. can easily run down a whole team with the five seven (last cod i played was blops2 and only one day a week at a friends)
PSN-WartPigX, XBL-WartPig ...... Novorossiya
"people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening"

User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 years ago#3
The logical next step will be for the athletes to be playing CoD while simultaneously skateboarding, wearing specially outfitted Oculus Rift headset/helmet combos.
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User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#4
Good, it's an event at an event it's target audience for the most part attends.

More exposure for gaming, yay.
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User Info: adampeltz

3 years ago#5
All they need is a Taco Bell + Mountain Dew eating contest.
XBL Gamertag: Peltz | PSN ID: Peltz-0
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