I can see GameStop go out of business sooner than later.

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User Info: pepsiboy95620

3 years ago#11
userfrigginame posted...
It's hard for a dedicated video game store to make an honest buck and stay afloat at the same time nowadays it seems. I feel like being profitable, and being fair to consumers is harder to balance than ppl seem to think.

Its shouldn't be nowhere as bad as GameStop is though also they never actually sell you great deals other than maybe a buy 2 get 1 free deal. Anyways if they were a true game store they would still sell older games to make even more money also accessories for older systems because eventually people will buy when they break
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User Info: gohoanq

3 years ago#12
Izanaml posted...
CHS_RICH posted...
I don't see how they would. Their strategy is ingenious really. Probably second only behind micro transactions in MMO games. They sell you a game, and you sell it back to them for credit you can only use at their store. How that would ever fail eludes me

They wouldn't have bothered selling tablets and ipods if they didn't need more revenue. And now that they are getting into the cellphone business and shutting down stores just screams desperation. I hope Gamestop closes down. Worst retailer in America.

It's not the first time they've sold something other than games/consoles. They used to sell stuff like the Zune and Alienware laptops.. lol They moved from that to MP3 players, to cell phones, and finally to tablets. They're just trying to find that extra thing that clicks into place I guess.

As for shutting down stores? 6,500-120 isn't that much.. o_O Businesses do what's best for their bottom line, Gamestop just happens to think this stupid move is good.
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User Info: tadmfpole

3 years ago#13
I stopped selling/trading games back to retail stores over a decade ago. This practice works fine for some people but I can't bring myself to sell a game that I paid $60 for a month later and get $20 (or less) for it, that is like renting a game for $40.
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User Info: ExDios

3 years ago#14
good riddance!

User Info: SRBias

3 years ago#15
I don't really want anyone to lose their jobs. But I can see why this is going that way, I purchased my Xbox One and an extra controller at Gamestop, and have not purchased any games outside of digital. It's just easy to buy, and download to my machine. Want to play it again? Re-download it, House fire? Stolen Console? Log in, activate, boom there are my games. I know there are people who love the case, and disc, and the whole product in hand thing, and that's great. But give digital it's due. It really has made an impact.

User Info: BTM4444

3 years ago#16
I feel bad for all the people losing jobs. I know a few people that are managers at several different stores. I give them about 5 years more years though.
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User Info: iggyhaxor

3 years ago#17
What pisses me off about gamestop most is used 3ds games and ds games dont come with the case/jacket. Wtf kinda bs is that
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User Info: Izanaml

3 years ago#18
BTM4444 posted...
I feel bad for all the people losing jobs. I know a few people that are managers at several different stores. I give them about 5 years more years though.

I don't. My issue with Gamestop isn't entirely with the company. It's the harassment I get from the employees. 90% of Gamestop's employees are complete s***. Which is funny because the other 10% are amazingly nice people. Which is why I'll be thrilled to see those bastards lose their jobs. Couple that with the fact that their personalities are gutter trash, they probably won't find another job for some time to come.
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User Info: SparkItUp

3 years ago#19
pepsiboy95620 posted...
Recently I made a topic how there's ways GameStop can survive, but honestly after going to my local GameStop I think they will be gone pretty soon. They should really be a all games store and focus on games old and new.(BTW they should have never got rid of old system games people still buy them) but today as I went in to trade in 2 games I see signs everywhere acting as if they give you a lot of credit for used games. So I take Ryse and Need for Speed Rivals, what did they offer me? 35 dollars... Yes 35 dollars for games they are selling ea for 50 to 45 used. That wasn't even the price of one used game!!!!

I told them what about the bonus credit and for being a pro member? Nope none of that mattered. I just told them no thanks I'll go to best buy and I went there and they give me 55 dollars credit.

Its so sad to see an actual game store get beat badly by a store that's only half games and doesn't have to focus only on that. So for that I don't mind if GameStop dies, if they do it will be by their own wrong doing.

I don't have a problem with them getting rid of the old games of a old systems in stores...but I agree in that I think they should have been available online. What I find disturbing is, when they toss these games out, they take a key to the disc to ruin it so noone can dumpster dive for it. I just don't understand that mentality (I guess their point is that you should have bought it if you wanted it).

I definitely would love to pick up some of the older games for Xbox Original, PS1, PS2, etc..As it is though, they toss 360 games & PS3 games and just key the back of the disc so it can't be used.

I'm going to be honest, I'm surprised that there hasn't been a video gaming chain pop up that dealt only in retro gaming. imo, there is a market there for it that is being left untapped.

User Info: wesker1602

3 years ago#20
At my Gamestop, they threw away all the cases for DS games. The fools.
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