So why do people who want the disc version of amazing spiderman 2 have to wait

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User Info: ArsenicSteel

3 years ago#31
Horridhal posted...
ArsenicSteel posted...
Horridhal posted...
jpraelster posted...
I just dont understand why digital gets it first its stupid I refuse to buy games digital, I like to own my stuff

Acting like this is new or different is stupid.

Digital distribution has always been more efficient than physical. You can view the extra wait time as a 'physically ownership tax.'

Additionally, you need more patience.

Always more efficient, strange. I am sure there are entire industries built around physical distribution and the "leaving the house to buy stuff" mentality has been pretty popular for centuries.

Efficiency isn't really the issue. The delayed release of the physical product is a bit of an outlier that has rarely happened before. It is still strange, no matter how much one likes digital more.

My point is not invalidated by anything you said. Digital distribution is the most efficient form of distribution currently for gaming. I was also speaking more as it relates to all releases, especially currently with the option to pre-download releases and play at midnight.

It is a simple, inescapable, fact that digital adopters will always have their items before physical owners would. That being said I am not pro-digital and generally get physical copies of any game I purchase.

I wasn't arguing efficiency as I don't think either of use can sway the other. My point and the topic's point was not about efficiency but the odd method of digital release before physical. Certainly, if you think about the history of distribution your too can see this instance as an oddity.

First? Dude I've gotten games from Amazon and Newegg on my doorstep a day before street date and the digital release. It's not consistent but it's enough to shootdown your "always" claim. Pre-downloading will not address that nor will pre-downloads address people will poor bandwidth or no internet connection all. Always,..right. Put your defenses down and try to think about crap beyond your personal life.
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