Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are way behind PC gaming in digital distribution.

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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#11
Tyronelio1 posted...
The whole closed market thing.

There's no competition driving prices down on consoles, if you want to buy digitally on console you have one option unlike pc games where as they are already cheap because publishers have to combat piracy some how and cheaper prices should entice people into buying them.

And steam, just like every service screws us Australians over in prices. :(

But MS and Sony both have been improving their weekly deals lately as compared to a few years go when they were a joke.

They are definitely improving, there is still 2/4 weeks of the month where the sales are considered piss poor in my opinion, I can't speak for Playstation 3/ 4 sales though, but my friends have told me they can be just as bland.

Spetsnaz420 posted...
From what I've seen both MS and Sony have taken steps to improving pricing etc...

Lending games digitally is something I've accepted and will consider it a bonus if they allow it at some point.

Of the big 3 though... Who would you say has done the most to improve digital distribution?

I'd say both Sony and Microsoft have improved a lot, I can't speak for the Wii U, but the Wii was barren when it came to what games were offered on that marketplace and sales were a very rare thing (which was stupid), but there's a tonne of stuff that can be done to improve. For example, Sony and Microsoft don't price drop their games quickly enough and it's a bit ridiculous that games made in 2008 and before would even cost anything above $20.
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User Info: tadmfpole

3 years ago#12
MS and Sony have improved in recent times but there is still much room for improvement in digital vs physical. I think Bioshock Infinite is the first sale I have ever seen on Live where I could buy a digital version of a game that is barely a year old cheaper than the physical version. The freebies have been increasing in quality too.

This is one of several reasons why competition is a good thing, and why people shouldn't just accept whatever these companies toss out. They all want your money and they know that you have options and can easily choose one over the other.
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User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#13
you will never see steam-like sales on console so long as sony and microsoft have a hand in the developers pockets. how do you think they make money to begin with when they even underprice their systems. did the PS3 even make any money off hardware sales? no its all about them royalties.

the only thing digital distribution would do was make sure that you pay full price for each of your games (whatever the developers want and sony/ms agree to) require you to be hooked up to the internet, and make sure that you and only you are allowed to play that game.

if you spend your $50 or whatever for your 2 year old game and then find out the next day that the game sucks, #dealwithit

youve been able to purchase games and dlc off the microsoft and sony storefront for over half a decade now. $5 off a 2 year old game is considered a deal. hell even the prices for all the old call of duty and battlefield map packs are still the same

i doubt it will ever benefit the consumers. the only thing it does is restrict what you can and cannot do with your games, how much you pay, and how you can play it. oh yeah and add to your monthly internet bandwidth usage too.

hell here in canada theres some games that cost more to obtain digitally than they would to go to the store and pick up a physical copy. the MGS prologue is the only game i can think of where its actually more practical to get the digital version and be able to save any money.....yet people seem to act like digital on consoles would be similar to steam sales. last i checked, microsoft or sony dont have their hands in the developers pockets for every PC game sold.

i dont think it will ever be feaseable on console. im all for cheap games and all but i doubt it will ever work like that. the only thing i see it doing on console is making it more nervewracking to play a game your friend just bought. may as well just tell him to just bring his console over too, or spend hours on your couch, while he signs onto his profile through your xbox and downloads the entire 40 gigabyte game he already has on his machine. god forbid it doesnt have another 2 gigabyte required update or whatever.

User Info: Callmege

3 years ago#14
I'm just over a month off my 9 years of service badge of Steam. Let me tell you a few things about it.

Firstly the bad. A lot of games of Steam are utter garbage. There are some gems, don't get me wrong and it's selection of AAA games is pretty good. It's only really missing EA games as they have their own proprietary store called Origin. Origin sucks, I refuse to use it and I don't miss EA games one bit. They just don't exist as far as I'm concerned. But Steam has a lot of indie games which are very hit and miss. Papers Please was a fun 15 hours or so. But Day 1 Garrys Incident was total garbage. Starbound is fun. But The War Z is total s***. Then there's early access. You buy a game that's still in development with the promise that it will be steadily updated to a full version and you can have a hand in shaping it. Again, hit and miss. Rust is a good laugh with friends but is shockingly incomplete (it's basically a game engine and a rough concept at this point and isn't getting many updates right now) whereas 7 days to die is more complete but still pretty ropey and basically crap. And while a lot of people enjoy Rust for what it is now, it's likely to change drastically in the future so people risked buying a game for £15 that they might not like when it's complete. Steam integrates metastatic scores and user reviews into its store pages but not all games have these. How do you know what's a good buy and what's cheap crap?

But Steam has its merits. When I see people complain about Origin I often see people from the anti-steam crowd or the general anti-DD crowd say 'either way you still can't trade/sell the games you buy on them, they're just as bad as each other'. Except on Steam you can. This is probably one of its best features, yet its most underused and underpromoted. Steam lets you sell games you own to other users for a price you set or swap them game-for-game through its marketplace.

And hey, Xbone owners, remember that family sharing thing Microsoft said you couldn't have because they dropped their DRM plans? Steam has it. I can play my brothers games, he can play mine.

Steam has loads of great features, it just has a lot of very bad games right now.
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User Info: TreGooda

3 years ago#15
Cowboy082288 posted...
Like someone else said TC. Closed platform = no competition in digital sales. Which means no incentive for them to offer the kinds of deals steam does. And to top it off Sony and MS make their customers pay to play online.

Yet most people bashed Microsoft when they presented a model that would give competition for digital sales.
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User Info: ish0turfac3

3 years ago#16
No **** they wont be able to catch up they learn proper compression of files and putting bigger hdd in there systems.
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User Info: suitup19

3 years ago#17
PSN has a weekly deals, random sales, flash sales, publisher sales, seasonal sales, etc. PlayStation plus also gets you free games every month. PSN is no steam but you can't deny they aren't giving an effort to compete. Microsoft and Nintendo on the other hand are pretty terrible.

User Info: Lightborne

3 years ago#18
Yea but what do you think will happen when all companies start doing all digital? There wont be much of a chance for them to lower prices sure they will compete but your likely going to see higher prices then what you do for older games.
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User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#19
suitup19 posted...
PSN has a weekly deals, random sales, flash sales, publisher sales, seasonal sales, etc. PlayStation plus also gets you free games every month. PSN is no steam but you can't deny they aren't giving an effort to compete. Microsoft and Nintendo on the other hand are pretty terrible.

Spoken like a person who has never, ever used xbl before.

Well done sir.

Everything you just said ps+ does, xbl gold does as well.

Ms just had its autum sale + Microsoft publisher sale + Star Wars sale + the flash sale of rocksmith 2014 instead not calling it a flash sale just putting it on sale randomly.

Can't wait to see what the always quality GWG for may are in a few hours.
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User Info: ejay8320

3 years ago#20
While I agree all 3 are still behind in digital distribution, Sony is making great strides in the sales department:

Still a long ways to go but in the right direction.

Edit: and you can use a PS+ trial code to get access to the PS+ prices
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