The X1 should have been all digital

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User Info: Zodiac080704

3 years ago#11
Nope I'd rather own physical copies. Never intend to go full digital. I wouldn't have bought an X1 if there was no physical games.

User Info: MurryEB_Alt1

3 years ago#12
No because I needed a blu ray player, removing a disc drive would defeat the purpose of calling it a "One"
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User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#13
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User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#14
Horridhal posted...
If they had gone all digital they would have less sales than they do now.

This. Anyone who thinks a "Steam-like" pricing and sale system will happen on an all digital game console like Xbox or Sony is clearly clueless. There are games on LIVE that are years old and still $20 or $30. You can walk into retailers and find those games for $10 or less, new and used.

There is no competition on a closed marketplace. Steam has competitors and it just undercuts their prices so it's successful. On LIVE or PSN, you have no alternative. You're locked into that platform so they can charge whatever they want to. On PC there are competing services so it benefits Steam to offer cheap prices.

And for the all digital crowd, good luck. Internet speeds and reliability aren't nearly efficient enough to warrant the success of an all digital gaming ecosystem. And with measly 500GB hard drives, you'll all be complaining about needing exterior drives and USBs. | twitter: @astroduck79
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User Info: geodANGER

3 years ago#15
If Microsoft got rid of the blu-Ray player it would defeat the purpose of calling xbox one in the first place. It's suppost to be a one stop shop.

Now if they stopped producing game discs I would not care but to get rid of the blu-Ray player is madness

User Info: Kamickas

3 years ago#16
This would've been a terrible move, and the xbox would be doing significantly worse than it is now.

As previously mentioned, anyone expecting digital discounts on par with steam just because it would be an all digital system is living in a fantasy world. Competition is what makes steam sales happen, and a digital-only Xbox One would not have competition unless Microsoft allowed other digital game retailers like Steam to sell to consoles. That won't ever happen.

The only digital games I've purchased for my xbox have been because of the super sales we've had over the past year, and that's entirely because they were priced around the $5-$10 range. Digital just is not as valuable as physical to me, and I hold value in much higher regard than convenience, so unless the pricing scheme accounts for that, then I'm not going to support it. I'll find another platform, or if that fails, turn to piracy until prices drop.

Physical media allows me to sell my game when I'm tired of it, thus giving me a return on my purchase. Resale is a right given to consumers, and it makes the market better for them. I understand the interest from a business standpoint behind digital-only closed markets, but I'm not going to support it if I can help it, especially with DRM and the "you're purchasing a license" concept being so prevalent.

I'll buy into digital when companies offer fair prices, and stop telling me that I can't do whatever the hell I want with what I buy (And I don't mean allowing me to copy it to give to other people, I mean using my product however I want, wherever I want).

User Info: BIackPriviIige

3 years ago#17
Horridhal posted...
If they had gone all digital they would have less sales than they do now.

This. MS isn't Valve. The reason MS wants to I all digital is to f*** consumers up that you know what.

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#18
sn3akywaffles posted...
GoreGamer posted...

If MS hadn't have been all evil and malicious about it


Maybe Microsoft could announce it at E3 ?
The Xbox One going all digital ?
And Kinect would have to be connected with mandatory internet checks every 24 hours at least ?

That should work well. ( /sarcasm )

User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#19
GoreGamer posted...
As much as I love used games and I never buy new games unless its dirt cheap steam sale, I think X1 should have been all digital. If they got rid off the physical copies they could have just been a Steam box, saved money by removing the Blu Ray player and instead just be all online. Also the DRM thing needed to go, by having it offline available no 24hr checks.

I really do think it was a bad call for this gen. They could have made games significantly cheaper and with it made the publishers and consumer happy. Besides most 2nd hand current gen games are expensive anyhow like £30 or something and that is usually the case for a new console.

If MS hadn't have been all evil and malicious about it and just presented it as being for the customer, by doing the above then they wouldn't have had the backlash. It was the scapegoating used games that caused the anger.

i agree. i only changed from ps3 to xbox obecause i wanted to play some exclusives if they ever come out like halo and gears. but what really sold me on xbox was all in one. everything in one imput turn on the tv and the xbox at the same time. i buy all digital games and will never get a disk game. i only get up to put a blue ray movie in. but having all digital and changing games on the fly or stoping a game for a few hours to watch tv only to go back to it and its up and running in minutes is the best ever.

User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#20
but i do think ms would have sold alot less if they did go all digital the world isnt ready for all digital most people are but gamers i think are about 5 years behind. i think its dumb but now with gamestop stores closing soon its coming all digital will be the norm in about 5 years maybe 3
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